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    MD Ortho WAMC - research year between M3 and M4

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    One bad semester due to personal issues

    Freshman year I did well in my classes (all A/A- and 1 B+), however this semester I did very poorly due to mental/emotional issues along with living alone for the first time which led to a lack of motivation and some other problems I won't get into, and ended up with 1 A, 1 B+, 1 C- (genetics)...
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    WAMC at State Schools and other schools

    Hello everyone, I'm new to SDN and was wondering if I could get some feedback. So I am in my fourth year of college, and am staying an extra year to raise my GPA and take some more upper level science courses. Here are my stats/ECs/etc. Major: B.A. Biological Sciences Certificate Program...
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    Let's Have Fun With This: Decompress Time

    Dental school is hard and will physically and mentally challenge every student. I am particularly curious on how your dental school helps students decompress from the grind of didactic and clinical courses. Please list your school and what fun things they host that helps you get by the stress...
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    My chances?

    Hi guys, I am currently a senior double majoring in general science and economics. I have a 3.2 cgpa and a 2.9 sgpa. I have not taken the MCATs yet because I want to prepare myself. I have an upward trend in my gpa but I wonder if my grades are still too low? Do I have a shot at DO schools...
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    What would my chances be of getting into a PA school?

    Hi, I was on the pre-med track all throughout college with the idea of becoming a physician, but after careful consideration, I'm thinking that PA might be a better fit for me. What would my chances be? If anyone could weigh in, that'd be great. Also, I understand that applying early for...
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    How strong is Internship in The world Wide Bank for my application?

    Hello, I have an opportunity for internship in Health Project in World Bank in Tajikistan ( Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. This is a developing country).It is a project in the field of health system financing, It covers retraining doctors, improves access to the Health...