1. D

    A story of a second chance - Cheating IA (x2) and x3 MCAT retakes

    TW: Suicide Me: MCAT 515 after three retakes, GPA: 3.7. I have four publications from my undergrad and gap years, Went to a top undergrad, cum laude, tutor, teaching assistant, etc, etc. To everyone around me for years, I was considered a model student. In fact, my department from undergrad...
  2. B

    Institutional Action (IA) and ramifications of it

    I am a senior about to graduate at the beginning of the upcoming cycle. After this coming spring semester, I will have been an undergrad for 2.5 years and leave with a BS. Along with this short time in undergrad, I also have a single IA on my record during my 2nd semester in UG. A little...
  3. F


  4. R

    Academic Dishonesty: Seeking Advice / Insights

  5. D

    Self-Reporting an Expunged Institutional Action

    One of my classmates from undergrad has an IA for an academic integrity violation (unauthorized collaboration/plagiarism on a lab report). Since some schools expunge/destroy disciplinary records after a number of years, what's stopping an applicant from manipulating the details of their IA once...
  6. T

    Discrimination in School

    I was wondering if there was/is as much discrimination in other schools as there is in IAUPR. IAUPR professors are biased towards Puerto Ricans shown by the amount of rewards given exclusively to undeserving Puerto Rican students who cheated like the 9 who graduated today, I thought it was...
  7. MaxilloMandibuleros

    MD What can I do to stop cheating in Med school ?

    Yes, in my Med school 80% of students cheat on exams, this is caused by 2 things: 1. The cameras aren't turned on most times ( when they are, no one watches them anyway ) 2. The professors who are supervising us during exams close their eyes whenever they see people cheating, so obviously most...
  8. Broken Dreams

    Breaking the Student Code

  9. L

    Cheating at Scholl

    There has been an issue of rampant cheating going on at Scholl for at least the last 2 years. More specifically, in the class of 2019 in particular. It is mostly limited to a handful of individuals. These people have been reported numerous times to the faulty by countless students. Every time...
  10. S

    Falsely accused of cheating. IA on school record

    Hi all. I am about to graduate with a bachelors from public university. about 2 years ago i was accused of cheating on a lab assignment in a bio class. I was collaborating with my lab partner on our assignment (which was encouraged in this case) and my TA thought our answers looked copied...
  11. The_Sunny_Doc

    Checking in cell phones before exams to prevent cheating?

    Myself and a few other classmates are suspicious that people in our class are using their cell phones to cheat during bathrooms breaks during our exams. There were also rumors that the class below paid for cell phone pictures of all the exam answers from review sessions from the previous year...
  12. L

    Institutional Action w/ Extenuating Circumstances

    GPA: 3.8 I recently received an IA for cheating on an exam and there is a possibility that I will be hit with an academic probation (IA) or a written warning (does not go anywhere). My grades and service and leadership have been stellar until the beginning of this semester, when I faced a...
  13. To be MD

    DAE Consider the Effect of Google Glass / High Tech Wearables on the MCAT?

    This is a futurology kind of post, but I do sincerely wonder when the AAMC is going to updated their protocol to forbid/check for the existence any type of electronic eyeglass on the MCAT. For those not in the know, Google Glass and similar wearable technologies, can look like regular glasses...
  14. L

    Is this cheating?

    My professor gave us practice exam for the first midterm but somehow he didn't upload for the second midterm so I used Quizlet to memorize key words and answer pretty decent exam-like questions... and I realized while taking the exam today, all the questions were exactly the same! I mean I...
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    Hi guys,
  16. G

    Given A Second Chance-And Wanted to share my Story

    Me: MCAT 36-39. GPA:3.60-3.90. Had 3-4 publications in Undergrad, 1 first authorship in a leading journal in the field. Went to Top 10 Undergrad, magna cum laude, had a thesis, taught the MCAT for a company, had stellar LORs, was a TA for 3+ years, won a national award, was on student govt, etc...