1. C

    Child and Adolescent Board Certification Question

    Hello, I am wondering, how important is it to be board certified in child and adolescent psychology (in the state of CA) if almost all of my practicum and internship experiences has been with children and families? I ask because I am currently applying to postdocs and all I need is just a child...
  2. F

    Volunteer experience NOT through organization

    Can I count clinical volunteer hours that was not through a hospital or hospice? For example, if I volunteer for a sick special needs boy in his home and give him meds and feed him, can that count as patient care? (I am not related to the boy personally nor do I know him personally. I was asked...
  3. Blueinfantneedhelp

    Infant Cyanosis normal O2

    Hello, I feel as if no one can help me. I am not a doctor. Not a student. Just very frustrated. Sorry if I am breaking the rules. I’m sure it’s annoying me posting here since this is designed for you guys. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing from naggy patients all day. I’m sorry that I am bringing...
  4. Y

    CAP fellowship - Cleveland Clinic

    Does anyone have information about the Cleveland Clinic child fellowship program?
  5. O

    Neuropsychology Questions

    I am very interested in becoming a neuropsychologist. I find it to be a very interesting field but I also want to be a child psychologist. Can someone tell me the steps in detail to become a neuropsychologist and a child psychologist? What do you have to study? How hard are the subjects? Where...
  6. N

    Child and medical school

    I just got accepted to SGU for med school, but live in the states with my family. I have not accepted the offer yet because I feel terrible about leaving my 2 yr old behind. Anyone else been in similar situations pleas share some insight