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  1. H

    AZCOM vs. KCU-Joplin

    I know these threads can be common but I have yet to see one that discusses the Joplin Campus Specifically. Both schools are solid academically as far as I can tell, so that wont be listed as a pro or con. Here is how the situation plays out for me: I am from California so AZCOM has the...
  2. J

    Need help deciding between TX medical schools

    Hey y'all, So I got accepted to UTHSCSA, A&M, and TTHSC. I would love to hear from med students what they considered when choosing a medical school and what advice they would give to themselves if they had to do it over again.
  3. A

    What do you like about your dental school?

    Early clinical exposure, reputable curriculum, etc. all sounds nice, but don't all dental schools these days offer this? They all sound similar to me. I'm looking for major differences in methodology/teaching, but it's difficult to find that info on schools' websites alone. Can any current...
  4. R

    Predent: CC transfer - choosing between UVA, Tech, and GMU

    Hello, I'm an upcoming sophomore at a community college and I'm weighing my options on where to go after this and between dental school. My main concern is making my application the strongest while keeping college affordable. All I've gather right now is that UVA is the most prestigious. I've...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Med School Selectivity Index Now Up & Running!

    Med school applicants can now get a handle on where they’re most competitive by checking out our new Selectivity Index™ for med school By comparing different criteria such as GPA, MCAT scores, and acceptance rates, you’ll get a clear idea of which schools are best for you and at which schools...
  6. C

    Other OT-Related Information Please help!!! Attend cheap unaccredited program or expensive accredited program?

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to an unaccredited program that will cost $50,000 and an accredited program that will cost $85,000. I am not sure which school to attend :oops: I was hoping you guys could tell me what you would do if you were in my position. I have lots of school loans from...
  7. A

    Rochester vs Hofstra vs Downstate

    Hey everyone, Thanks for clicking on this thread! I was recently accepted off the waitlist at both Rochester and Hofstra and need to make me decision soon. Previously committed to Downstate before I got these two acceptances. I'm interested in fielding any and all opinions you fellow SDNers...
  8. FlashMed13

    Why should I go to OUWB?

    Hello, I am lucky enough to have been accepted to multiple medical schools including Wayne and OUWB but I am having a hard time compiling reviews (both positive and negative) from current students about OUWB and was hoping that someone on here could help me out. Also, if you chose OUWB over...
  9. RhinB

    Top Factors to Consider in Choosing a Medical School?

    Just going through and thinking about top factors when choosing a medical school, feel free to add: Tuition / Financial Aid Class Size Location Maturity of Class (including age, and other demographics)*(Edit) Quality of Education (high passing rate on boards, high specialty matching rate...
  10. ClassicJandT

    How important is COA/debt in choosing between schools?

    I understand that for most people cost is only one of several factors and going to a more expensive school might make sense if that school is sufficiently better. For example, going to a school that has more research opportunities or better rotations could help you land a more competitive...
  11. crinkleyartist

    UCD Veterinary Program

    Hi there! I apologize if this has been asked/answered already but I'm in the process of choosing a veterinary school and (until I hear back from Tenn) I'm choosing between Dublin or Midwestern. If someone could tell me more about the pros and cons of both that would be super appreciated! I'm...
  12. Kittenz

    Guide to: Choosing Between Dental Schools

    Like many right now, I too had to make difficult decisions at this time last year. With deposit deadlines closing in and post Dec-interviews on the horizon, I thought that I may offer my advice on choosing between schools. Of course it's not definitive guide, but I hope it helps! If you're in a...
  13. M

    Evaluating Clinical Rotation Sites

    Hi everyone! I am trying to decide between a couple of schools and was curious how people go about evaluating clinical rotation sites at individual schools. Naturally, each school's brochure talks up their sites and their rotations, but I am assuming that there are some better than others, of...