class 2021

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    Program-Specific Info / Q's NSU MOT Class of 2021

    Hey friends! I want to connect with others who accepted their seat for Nova’s MOT program starting this Summer.
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's American International College MSOT Class of 2021

    Hi! I was accepted into AIC a couple of months ago. I'm now on a hunt for fellow class members, anyone committed to AIC for fall 2018? Comment below, let's start a fb page, I have so many questions LOL
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    WVU DPT 2021

    Hello! I am curious to see if anyone else has heard back from WVU for the class of 2021. I applied at the end of October and have not received any word from them about interviews. Is anyone else in a similar boat? Thanks! Best of luck to all!
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    MUSC Class of 2021

    Hello Fellow members of MUSC DPT's Class of 2021! I was hoping to meet some of you at the open house. However, it was canceled due to Charleston freezing over. I don't know how you all are planning on finding roommates or housing but I am definitely looking for both. I thought this would be a...