clinical research coordinator

  1. Blaba123


  2. Meisbad

    Gap Year conundrum

    Two roads diverged in yellow wood............. After about 350 applications to be a clinical research coordinator (NYC) I finally got 2 job offers at the same time. I am having a tough time deciding which one to choose, I would appreciate any input! Option 1: Clinical research coordinator 2...
  3. E

    Seeking Advice on choosing a Clinical Research position.

    Would like insight into choosing between two clinical research coordinator positions for: 1. CRC at Nursing School Study participants are all Spanish speaking patients of lower socioeconomic demographic who I will be working with directly the study itself fits my narrative as a...
  4. P

    What to do in Gap Year(s): Masters/SMP or Work?

    I am graduating a year early and am planning on taking two gap years before (hopefully) matriculating into medical school. I am currently deciding between applying to some kind of master's or special masters program (not looking for post-bacc) or working. Ideally, I would be working in clinical...
  5. CT153

    How to get a clinical research coordinator/assistant job without experience?

  6. L

    Anyone a Clinical Research Coordinator?

    Hello all I'm taking two years off before I plan on going to medical school. I'm currently interviewing at several places to be a Clinical Research Coordinator and I was wondering what other's experiences have been. Some questions of mine... - What are some good questions to ask during the...