comlex and residencies

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    RADSTEP is the only comprehensive course which covers the entirety of radiology image interpretation for the USMLE & COMLEX exam. 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS FULL ACCESS TO COMPLETE VIDEO LIBRARY OVER 7.5 HOURS OF KEY CONCEPTS FOR BOTH USMLE AND COMLEX EXAMS OVER 1 HOUR OF NORMAL RADIOGRAPH...
  2. D

    OBGYN Residency with low COMLEX I

    Hi! So here is my story. I took my COMLEX I and failed the first time, took it again and made 461 the second time. I am finishing my third year, and I am very interested in applying to an OBGYN residency. I have not taken USMLE, and I’m studying for my COMLEX CE & PE now. Some states I would...
  3. Doc_Ock

    Air Force should I give a s*** about my COMLEX?

    First year DO student going for rads, already started on Step 1 material. Assuming I get a good Step 1 score, is anyone gonna give a crap what my COMLEX score is? Obviously the main distinction is COMLEX has OMM, but tbh I don't even wanna bother studying that. Basically if I have a good step 1...
  4. CardiacLion

    Applying EM; Withold comlex scores?

    Hey guys, Applying ACGME - EM this cycle. Had pretty good stats up until this year: STEP1: 246; COMLEX 1: 689 STEP 2: TBD (8/29 Release); COMLEX 2: 512 Solid CV with multiple research/volunteer experiences, and believe my SLOE's will be all honors. Had a pretty steep drop from COMLEX 1 to 2...
  5. H

    Failed step1, passed with low comlex; chances at FM ACGME match?

    Failed usmle step 1 Passed comlex level 1 with 450 Chances at ACGME Family med programs? 1. Can I apply on the AOA match with MD programs that are dually accredited without reporting usmle? Can I selectively choose these programs to not receive usmle scores? 2. Is it truly required to report...
  6. NYUyankeezfan

    ACGME IM Residencies - Step 2 CK

    I'm a DO med student. I scored a 223 on step 1, then a 240 on step 2 CK. I also scored super high on my COMLEX Level 2 (665). Question 1) How closely do programs look at step 2 if it's submitted on ERAS? Question 2) How many ACGME programs do you think take a good look at COMLEX? Thanks!
  7. U

    COMLEX cut off scores

    Does anyone know any stats on what type of scores are required to match to certain DO residencies? It seems there are websites galore matching USMLE scores to MD residencies, but not a shred of information on COMLEX scores and DO residencies. I know that at the end of the day its all about who...