1. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    COMLEX Panic

    My COMLEX level 1 is on 7/17 and I'm starting to freak out. My COMSAEs have been 101: 387 (April); 103: 408 (May), 102: 415 (June). I am taking 104 next week some time. I have done all of Combank and Comquest and about 30% of UWorld. I've been through Sketchy twice and the Green Book once...
  2. D

    Level 3 score?

    I took the COMBANK practice exam for Level 3 and scored a 702. Then a week later I took a COMSAE and scored a 418. What the heck? The 3 digit conversion used by COMBANK was based on the conversion tool from the NBOME. Then I take the COMSAE and my score decreases by ~300 points???? COMSAE was...
  3. FutureDO88

    USLME examination during rotations?

    Hi all, I took NBME 16 before taking the COMLEX and made a 173 and then just took NBME 17 today well after COMLEX and made a 182. My comsae score was a 445 before taking the COMLEX in case you are wondering. I was curious if anyone has taken the USLME exam during rotations and is there any...
  4. Kevinsong

    COMLEX - OMGOMT videos

    Do you know where I can find OMGOMT videos? I tried to purchase it, but the site says registration is closed for the entire 2018.. My comsae in two weeks, and desperately needed to review mom...
  5. D

    BOTH For DO-Students Taking Both USMLE/COMLEX Step 1- Study plan/practice scores/actual test scores

    I just recently took both USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 (Scores at bottom of post). I remember having a difficult time finding relevant SDN threads for people taking both exams, in regards to test prep/schedule/practice test scores and the correlating final scores on exam. I'm just posting...
  6. B


    I have my COMLEX level 1 in 4 days. Can't seem to find any good/consistent information on how to interpret/use the COMSAEs to know if I'm actually ready for the exam. COMSAE form A 3 days ago- 581. COMSAE form C today- 469. COMBANK avg- 66% (I've only done about 3/4 of it so far) Should I be...
  7. L

    Has anyone taken COMSAE 1 Form C?

    I havent seen an answer to this question. So i would REALLY appreciate any insight.
  8. Y

    Combank - Needs polishing

    Combank claims to be the best osteopathic Q bank available. Its really unfortunate how many errors there are throughout the Q bank though. Suggestions and student feedback must not mean that much to them as the feedback would sort out or make it a better Q bank overall. Complaints: 1...