1. S

    CME Money to burn

    Hey Guys- I have about $975 of CME money left to spend for the yr. Already renewed EMRAP and got Rosh for the upcoming CONCERT as well as a couple of books. I'm told I can't use this money for laptops, phones, scrubs, stethescopes. CME, conferences, educational stuff and professional...

    Abstract = Self Plagiarism?

    I am a first year Clinical Psychology student. During my master's program I wrote an abstract that was accepted at a conference. Unfortunately, I ended up not being able to go to the conference and present the poster. I withdrew my submission and neither I nor my poster attended. I am...
  3. POCUS-Education

    Advertisement CME Ultrasound Workshop September 9th in Huntington Beach, CA

    You are kindly invited to attend the CME credited Second Annual Perioperative and Acute Care Ultrasound Workshop co-hosted by the Anesthesiology Departments at Loma Linda Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center. The workshop will be held in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA at the Hyatt Regency...
  4. erbkeb

    AMCAS Abstract and poster presentation

    I am applying for the 2018 cycle and am listed as an author on 5 separate abstracts for an upcoming conference (June 24-29, 2017) and will be presenting a poster as well. I do not know how to go about listing these on my application since the abstracts are not necessarily published anywhere and...
  5. rulesoferick

    Safety Psychology Conference 2017

    Good afternoon! Im a psychology student from UCLA and wanted to share this huge event with the group. This conference applies the term ‘Safety Psychology’ as a broad term to highlight the focus on mindsets, decision making and their role and impact in a safety context. Please note that this...
  6. J

    Presenting at conferences unrelated to Psychology?

    So the research I'm working on is related to both psychology and computer-human interaction/computer-mediated communication. I am thinking of submitting a proposal to the 2017 Conference of the International Communication Association (http://www.icahdq.org/conf/2017/2017cfp.pdf), but I am...
  7. H

    Conference advice

    Hey guys. I'm a medical student, and I'm planning on forming an Emergency society in my university, next year. This society will have an annual emergency conference, and I'm thinking about workshops that I can add as part of this conference. But so far, I've only come up with things like...
  8. H

    Can I combine Emergency, with Surgery for this? Help Please!

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year medical student. In the beginning of the new semester, I want to form an Emergency Society. There are some students who graduated this year, and were running a Surgery Society. They asked me to keep their society running as well, which is a good idea, cause I would have a lot...
  9. A

    Tips on doing a conference write-up?

    I have been tasked with writing a report on a small conference that is being held at my university on a subject area with which I am not all that familiar. The "article" will be published in the academic society's annual magazine, so it does not need to be strictly academic. Has anyone ever done...