1. W

    Applying to TX Dental Schools OOS

    Hey everyone! I really want to attend dental school in Texas. I am from Louisiana, but my dad grew up in Texas and completed his medical school and residency training in Houston. He moved to Louisiana to practice medicine, and I do not want to follow in his path lol. I have spent alot of time...
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  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.

    I worked with a client, who due to medical reasons, only earned a 2.2 GPA in a social science degree program. After graduating, he decided that the right career path for him was computer science so that he could realize his dream of becoming a tech entrepreneur. He had an ideal school in mind...
  4. A

    Curious about connections while applying to school

    Wanted to know how everyone feels about having a connection within a medical school you may possibly apply to? There is a allopathic med school located in my town that I would be thrilled to go to, though my application is not exactly their normal accepted student statistics. Through my job I've...
  5. tawnymarie85

    Other non-traditional premed students?

    Hello Everyone, I am based out of the SF Bay Area. I'm early 30's. Single mom. I work at a few hospitals. I've been trying to find a way to connect with other non-traditional students. Are there resources besides this forum? I've attempted searching tags etc on social media such as Instagram...
  6. A

    Two Doctors Meet - Annals of Int. Med

    A teachable moment.... Two Doctors Meet The doctor walked out of one of his clinic rooms and told his nurse he thought he was having a stroke. By the time I saw him, he was nonverbal, globally aphasic, unable to move his right side, his brain filling with rapidly expanding hemorrhage. He...
  7. ayed22

    What happened to this forum?

    This forum used to be so lit from what I can tell by looking at the old posts. Just wondering what happened to it and if there are other URM's out there that might want to connect!
  8. B

    On Networking: Give and Connect

    Networking doesn't have to be this contrived activity. The best networking resembles making friends - and it starts with giving and connecting. If you want to get better at networking, read this: Give and Connect
  9. D

    A Med School Professor Offered to Mentor Me!

    Hey guys, a professor from a medical school just recently offered to mentor me. I met her through a mutual friend, and she said that she wants to talk about my premed experience and what I'm looking for over lunch. What kind of questions should I be asking? She currently does research, but I'm...
  10. miniman

    Canadian Medical school-- I have a deep connection, but still wonder.

    Hey y'all! So, I was looking around at other schools out there and was talking with my dentist (NO I don't want to be a dentist) and he said he went to school in Canada and moved down here. So, I am sure I am beating a dead horse, but still... I have a deep connection to Canada, and under some...
  11. N

    Dental School Connections

    Since the threads on this are over ten years old I wanted some new advice on this issue. I have some professional connections who work at three dental schools and was wondering the extent that that can help? Do dental schools function based off of connections that aren't just from donors? Such...