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    Asking schools why you got accepted/rejected

    So I know most schools say that you can't ask them why they rejected you until the end of the app cycle...but does anyone know of any earlier exceptions/instances where people found out early? Related to that, is it okay to ask a school why they accepted you? Just curious!
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    Contacting medical schools about secondaries

    Hi everyone! I applied to about 30 medical schools (being a California resident without any MCAT score I don't really know how competitive I am at any of them. I'm also a FAP applicant). I should find out my MCAT score this month, on July 19th. I have only received one secondary email, though...
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    AMCAS Mistake: Wrong Contact info in work/activities!

    So I just realized that I made an error in my work and activities section. For two of the contacts, I accidentally put my school email instead of theirs down. I have a phone number that is correct, but the email is so obviously mine- it has my last name and school. This is a huge mistake and was...
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    Does Scribing = Patient Contact?

    Is scribing considered patient contact? Do Medical Schools place premiums/look highly upon applicants with significant scribing experience (1 year~)?
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    Should I contact this med school to ask about my app?

    I submitted my secondary application to this medical school and got confirmed August 10. (2 months ago haha) However, I have not heard anything back since! Normally I would not worry, but my sister got an interview a month ago...and she submitted at the same time as me. And I haven't even...