controlled substance

  1. M

    who thinks the federal law of transferring controls should be removed?

    Hey yall, the state I studied in did not allow the transfer of controls, but i’m studying for another MPJE now which does allow it. I don’t understand why they’d allow it, as if non controls weren’t enough of a hassle to transfer. Controls have so much more info that’s required 1-what if I...
  2. P

    Possession of Control Substances charge as a pharmd Student

    Hello, It is extremely embarrassing and shameful to be writing this on a website of such highly respectable people, but at this point in time, any advice I could get would be of nothing but help. I am a PharmD student in a 0-6 program, completed 2 years, supposed to be entering p1 year this...
  3. CountBy5s

    TX C2 without a printed phone#??

    C2 from out of town without a phone number, would you ever consider filling this script? What if the MD called stated it was an old pad and now practices at a different local address and local phone number? How do you handle this situation and what Texas laws influenced your decision?
  4. PikminOC

    Drug trafficking to get suboxone to prince? Suboxone is highly regulated. How can someone carry it across state lines and time zones to give to prince? There are multiple places to get suboxone near prince. Dea is involved in case.
  5. K

    Can a physician rewrite a prescription for a lost controlled substance script?

    I've been on Adderall since 8/2010 and have never lost a prescription given to me from my physician. On 10/30/15 I went to see my doctor for my semi-annual, scheduled II drug doctor visit and he wrote me 3 scripts. One was for November 2015, which I filled a few days later, the other two were...