core curriculum

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    Upenn Core Studies in One Year??

    Does anyone know if the Core Studies post bac program can be completed in one year? Their website says it is two years but can be done in 1 year. I called the recruitment office and they said that the Core Studies program is two years. I have none of the prerequisites. Can anyone who has gone...
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    Community College Classes Core?

    Hi all, I am an upcoming senior year of studying business pre-med at my university. I have done all my pre-med requisites at my university as well as business classes, however I have taken some core classes (Government, History, English) at community colleges in the summer so I can graduate on...
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    Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

    I go to a school that places a huge emphasis on its core curriculum of humanities courses. Personally, I can't stand it and find these courses more demanding and challenging than the courses pertaining to my major. If for some reason I end up with a few B's (or God forbid C's) in these courses...