1. Kiran k

    Whatspp groups for BCSE, NAVLE, CPE, PAVE, QSE

    I have created separate WhatsApp groups as I found no WhatsApp groups to join and ask for help. BCSE: BCSE NAVLE: NAVLE CPE: CPE QSE(for PAVE): https://chat.whatsapp.com/E432rNw03wM6AHjjSv17DQ PAVE: PAVE Practicing ECFVG vets: Practicing Vets
  2. Changchang Wang

    CPE Nov 2019 - Vegas

    Looking for CPE training courses in Canada... anyone know some places? thank you!
  3. G

    CPE Preparation

    Hello all, Are there any CPE prepratory classes for foreign vets? Specifically I am looking in the Northern Virginia area. Any help is appreciated. All the best to each of you.
  4. G

    Late July 2018 Naplex Pass

    I thought I would share my experience since lurking on these posts have helped immensely. So, I took the exam on 7/24/18 and found out I passed 7/27/18. I am in a state that does not do online scores through NABP, but the early indicator is true. The early indicator is if you put yourself as...
  5. B

    ACPE UAN Search

    I am trying to look up the ACPE UAN for a CPE presentation I did a few years ago. I was unsuccesful with just googling. Does anyone know of a way to look up the ACPE number for a CPE activity based on keywords of the topic and/or date of the activity?
  6. V

    Programs like VSTEP?

    I am a foreign-trained vet who is preparing to take BCSE this year. I heard about the Canadian VSTEP program -a 6 month program with lectures and hands-on training for foreign vets. I was planning to apply next year, only to find out that they just discontinued the program. Does anyone know of...
  7. F

    CPE surgery 2018

    Hi, does anyone know a vet in the US who helps with surgery practice for CPE? If yes, please share the contact details. Thank you and good luck! :)
  8. jjmanutd24

    CPE Prep 2018

    Hey there everyone! hope everyones doing great! This thread is basically for students/foreign students who are enrolled in the ECFVG program. I graduated from Bombay Veterinary college in 2016. SO. I passed the BCSE exam on my 2nd try in July and im currently studying for the December NAVLE...
  9. R

    Time gap between BSCE and CPE

    Hey! I am a veterinary student from Turkey and i really need to know the maximum time gap between BSCE and CPE (without losing the eligibility). Cause the price of CPE is so high and i need to save money before taking the CPE. And my other question is, can i work in veterinary field for some...
  10. C

    Hi.Is there anybody who will take or already took the CPE at the Mississipi university?

    I will take the Clinical Proficiency Exam soon at the Mississippi state university. I have never heard about the university . Many of my friends took the test at Las Vegas. I would like to know how their atmosphere is and how the test was going.... or the other applicants who will take the test...
  11. Log8

    How early do I start studying for the NAVLE/ECFVG?

    I am an American from North Carolina currently studying and almost completing my 2nd year of vet school in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. My plan is to graduate and move back to the US, but I've been becoming increasingly worried about being prepared when the time comes to enroll in the ECFVG. The...
  12. jjmanutd24

    Foreign Veterinary Graduate from India

    Hey Guys, So I'm almost done with my final year of my Bachelors Veterinary Degree in India, I will be awarded a BVSc & AH (Animals Husbandry) degree. I have a green card and I intend on studying in the United States. I understand my degree is not recognized and that I have to go through the...