1. A

    4 C's so far in undegrad

    Hello, I am currently a senior in college. My goal is to go to optometry school, but I am worried 4 C's will hold me back. So far I have gotten a C+ in an ecology and evolution class, and C's in ochem 1&2 and in biochem. I took biochem this semester, when everything transitioned to being...
  2. bschaefer97

    Will a C kill my chances?

    Hello all, I just bombed a test in O Chem II, and I was just wondering how everything shaped up so far grade- and EC-wise. This has likely been covered in a different thread, if so, just LMK and I will check it out. Just a bit worried about how this bad chem grade will affect my chances of...
  3. P

    Worried about my chances of getting into a pharm school

    Hey everyone! I am currently in undergrad as a sophomore at CSULB. My gpa so far is a 3.63 and my science gpa is about a 3.4. I have done some volunteer work at a local pharmacy over the summer. This semester I am afraid I may encounter my first C ever in Orgo Chem II. I am in a pharmacy club...
  4. I

    Pre-Med Student GPA for Medical School

    Help. I am about to enter my sophomore year of college and my current GPA is a 3.1. I had a rough freshman year and recently took Chem 2 over the summer and received a C. At my college, you can retake the class and have the grade replaced; however, I want to know if it is advisable to move on...
  5. T

    Undergrad science courses grades

    Hello everyone, I'm currently an undergrad (going into 3rd year) at Temple University, PA. I don't know if this matter has been discussed or not but I have a HUGE concern on my undergrad science grades and GPA (see attachment). I know it doesn't look really good but should I retake Biology 1 and...
  6. V

    Junior with C's and GPA 3.2

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior in undergrad right now, and I have 5 C's and a GPA of 3.2 and a science GPA of 2.7. The C's are in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics and a political science class. Would you guys recommend retaking the science classes? I realize those are core science classes...