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    What schools? Help!!

    Have a 3.47 overall GPA and 3.2/3.3 science GPA. Retaking DAT in early July. Applying in late June. Schools I was thinking (will add and take away a few, MI resident). What do you think of these schools? NYU Tufts UIC LECOM Midwestern- IL Midwestern - AZ ASDOH Creighton Touro Temple University...
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    Letter of Recommendations

    where do you send letter of recommendations/how? Also, if I have 3 professors (2 science and 1 writing), should I only get one from a dentist? Or would it be okay if I obtained two (I shadowed 2 dentists, am planning on shadowing and possibly interning for another).
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    What to use for Bio?

    Should I use Feralis, Cliffs, Romano? And bootcamp notes to review and skim?
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    I am retaking the DAT in July, have a GPA of about 3.47 and science is around 3.2. I am retaking a course but transcript wont be out for that specific course until August. I am sending my application around late June so all I have left is to update DAT in July. I will be letting schools know of...
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    DAT Bootcamp codes?

    I was wondering if anyone has any DAT bootcamp codes as it is rather expensive and second time getting it. Please let me know thanks.
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    Application/Retake Questions!?

    I am graduating with a 3.47 GPA as it went down from a 3.5 because of a bad grade in an upper level science class last semester of senior year. That was the worst I have done in any class and am planning on retaking it. However, I would not get the transcript for that specific retake until late...
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    Personal Statement Help

    What do you guys think should be definitely included in a personal statement? And what would be examples of what you could write about?
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    DAT and Application HELP

    I took the DAT once in March and scored a 17 AA. Did not have enough time to study and a huge break in between studying due to travels. I have a 3.5 GPA, involved in many clubs throughout school years, 1 year research, volunteered in hospital/other medical facility, shadowed 2 dentists 100+...
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    So here goes nothing..

    Hey guys so this is my first post so try not to be too harsh. I just turned 25 today and graduated with a 3.55 gpa with a Biology degree last Fall. My family is filled with dentists, my 3 aunts are all dentists and my uncle on my moms sides also a dentist. Ever since my senior year of high...