1. heartstring1

    MD & DO Med Student Deaths

    I am wondering how many of you have experienced a classmate of yours dying (either in your graduating class or a different one)? Did your school communicate with you how that classmate died (suicide, accident, illness, etc.) How many of you have experienced a classmate committing suicide?
  2. P

    Data collection on long-term results post-interview: Please respond if you have completed 1/+ cycles with 1/+ interviews. Thank you for contributing!

    Hello! This is a survey to help collect data that reflect with more specificity the ultimate fates of applicants who attended at least one interview, particularly how many accepted applicants come from waitlists versus direct acceptances, as well as how often waitlists seem to actually turn into...
  3. Seihai

    AMCAS Time to Verification Visualizations for Past Cycles

    One thing that I was always curious about when I applied and still even now is how long AMCAS took to verify during previous cycles and if it was possible to predict when the latest possible date one could submit and be verified in time to be in the first batch of applications transmitted would...
  4. D


  5. D

    ECG Data on Philips Zymed Holter file type

    Starting my research and have the data type as .ZHR would like to convert the raw ECG data to .EDF or ASCII txt or .csv file so I can read it and analyze it in kubios. Any help is appreciate it. If you have the Philips Zymed software let me know. Thank you!
  6. Zeakfury

    Anesthesiology Residency/Fellowship Survey

    In an effort to help my SO decide where they should apply to for anesthesiology residency, I am creating a master list of data on the different residencies from Doximity, Freida, & AAMC. I would like to add resident/fellows ratings to this data. However, I could not seem to find a good source...
  7. Franzliszt1

    Updated Lizzy M school selector?

    Hi SDN, Relatively new to these forums. I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of a school selector that incorporates newer data than the Lizzy M school selector from 2010. It would be much appreciated if you would share. Thanks in advance.
  8. G

    Anonymize patient notes?

    Does anyone here have a good method for keeping their patient notes anonymous so if they are lost there is no HIPAA breach? In other words, I keep papers in my pockets for all of my patients. Of course I try to never lose track of one but I could see it happening in the hustle and bustle. I do...
  9. OrbitalOverload

    Ortho Program Interview Data

  10. W

    Help With a Data Math Question

    Hey guys, so I was tutoring a student, but got stuck on this question: A cooler has 24 Greek Yogurt containers and 6 vanilla yogurt containers. The person in charge of the yogurt reaches into the cooler (without looking) and randomly picks them out of the cooler. What is the probability that...
  11. Q

    NHANES Dental Data

    I'm a graduate student and was just asked to summarize the dental data in the NHANES database. I do not have a background in dentistry and my colleague who does just left for a conference. Could someone help me understand the periodontal data ranges here: NHANES 2013-2014: Oral Health -...
  12. DivisionByZero

    Premed By Major

    The AAMC has a lot of data stratified by undergraduate major. Looking at table a17, there are a few interesting trends. I took the time to create graphical representations of the data. There are a few things worth noting. Firstly, if it wasn’t iterated enough, majoring in biology or...
  13. SUP360

    Who takes the MCAT?

    I have a question: who takes the MCAT? If schools want to choose people in the 95 percentile, who are all those thousands of other people? Is there a graph somewhere that shows what percent of the people taking the MCAT stated in their sign-up that they were taking it for pre-medical school...
  14. RogueBanana

    Post-II Acceptance stats are skewed

    A lot of members have been sharing statistics about specific school "Post-Interview Acceptance Percentages" As a data-analyst by trade I was wondering, how accurate could these numbers possibly be? For example, its pretty much accepted that ADCOMS will invite the top applicants for...
  15. S

    Excel List of 80 top ranked MD Medical Schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS, Tuition and Fees, Scholarship

    Hey all. I truly appreciate those who take the time to help out other students on here. I'm applying this cycle and I've compiled a master Excel of the top 80 MD schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS percentages, Financial info on a few, letter info on a few, and more. This info is from StartClass, a...
  16. elprezidente

    Actual UWorld Correlation with Step 1 Score

    I've come across a ton of outdated and seemingly opinion-based articles about the correlation between UWorld averages and Step 1 scores, which I feel are useless without sources backing where these stats came from. I'm interested in compiling some data on this; I think it could be helpful for...
  17. E

    MSAR errors?

    So I'm noticing a lot of discrepancies between data in the MSAR and data provided on medical schools' websites. For example, MSAR says Temple accepted 32% OOS last cycle, where as the Temple website says it accepted 53% OOS. This is a huge difference. Which is more reliable in general?
  18. K

    What schools are worth applying OOS?

    What data is most important in considering whether to apply to a school as an OOS applicant? Percentage out of state? What is a reasonable OOS percentage to make it worth applying to a particular school? Thanks :)