1. DAT Destroyer

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  2. linhbach

    DAT Breakdown

    TL;DR - 26 AA, 27 TS, used DATDestroyer and DATBooster What’s up everyone, I just took my DAT on Tuesday and I scored pretty well. I prepared using a combination of DAT Destroyer and DATBooster. My study schedule consisted of: 5 weeks of the Destroyer + 3 weeks of Booster. Went through...
  3. Abbasr2000

    DAT Breakdown 25 AA/ 25 TS/ 26 PAT September 2020

    Hey guys! I recently took my DAT and scored pretty well, I just wanted to share my experience studying for the DAT. The main resource I utilized was DATBooster and it was the highest yield resource I've used, I also used DATbootcamp for a bit but do not suggest getting it as I feel like some...
  4. AAAmin

    DAT Sep 2020 Breakdown

    Hey everyone ! I just took my DAT today and while I was studying for it, these forums helped me a lot (Although sometimes it actually confused me !!) so I promised myself to post a thread when I was done so I can help another fellow at least. I'm just gonna cut right into the chase cuz I hate...
  5. NewtonStar

    2020 DAT Breakdown (Scores: 26AA/25PAT – 99th Percentile)

    Hey guys! So I took the DAT recently and scored pretty well!!! I’m so relieved to have finally finished this exam, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, especially because this was the second time I took the DAT. The first time I took the test was in February, but I...
  6. G

    DAT DESTROYER _ organic chemistry - orgoman destroyer

    I Dr Romano, can you please explain to me why is this in a basic solution?? I thought we only look at the top and ignore the solvent even if it was basic. Why isnt c2h5oh Acidic and get attached to the most substituted carbon??? Thank you very much.
  7. islanddrive

    Summer 2019 DAT Breakdown (23AA, 25PAT)

    I was initially going to take the DAT in the fall but because classes took up so much time, I was only able to prepare for the PAT section during the fall and postponed my DAT until the winter when I had a lighter courseload. If you want to start preparing for the DAT early (during the school...
  8. WithLove

    2019 DAT Breakdown 24AA/27PAT

    This has been a long emotional journey and I can't believe i'm writing this breakdown now. I took the DAT and I couldn’t be happier with my scores. I literally almost cried on my way home looking at my scores. First of all, I would like to thank Ari, Dr. Romano, and Shahed for creating such...
  9. TheGreatPianist

    Study material for the DAT (2019)

    I'm a recent graduate (Neuroscience major) and will be applying to dental school next year. In undergrad I went through all the major science courses (Biol, Chem, Orgo, Physics). I have about 4 months before my DAT and just wanted to confirm if i'm using the right resources before I carry on...
  10. E

    Taking ORGOMAN course over the summer need a study plan

    Hello I am taking the DAT course with Dr. Romano in NY this summer and I would like to come up with a study plan. I am aiming to take the DAT by August 30th which totals about 3 months of study time. Here are the resources I've surmised to be most helpful. DAT destroyer combo pack PAT-...
  11. niagra_falls

    DAT in 10 days help me !!!

    hello all , my DAT is in 10 days and i feel tired of studying , i still have to do some practice exams and finish bootcamp but aside from that is there any advice someone could give me about the day they took their test ? i feel preety nervous about it and i know that ill be done will all the...
  12. D

    DAT destroyer

    hey, So I'm re-studying for the DAT, and I have the 2016 version of DAT Destroyer? Are there any major differences between the latest version and the 2016 version? I'll be re-taking the test sometimes in January or February... early March at the very latest. Any thoughts? Thank you all so...
  13. dl2501

    DAT Breakdown 23AA/24PAT/24TS (non-science major)

    Let’s start this breakdown! Study time period: I graduated at the end of May, and after being with family for a week or so, I started to do research about this DAT thing. And if you take anything away from this post, it is this: do research about all the different study materials and...
  14. C

    DAT Destroyer Ochem #6 2017

    I understand why the answer is D but was curious about the explanation for why B is incorrect. Answer choice B says that Ethanol/H20 @ ph=10 is not miscible. Why? @orgoman22
  15. P

    DAT retake?

    I have my Dat scheduled for this upcoming week for july 27, feeling unsteady. So far I used Dat destroyer and bootcamp not finished with all the exams yet. Worst case, if I need to retake my DAT end of october does that mean I have no hope ? my gpa is average.
  16. B

    For Sale SELLING 2017 DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer

    Hi Everyone! I'm selling the 2017 Destroyer and Math Destroyer both never written on! (The back cover corner of the destroyer is slightly bent). $185 for both includes shipping, please PM me!
  17. shibedeleshibe

    7/11/2017 DAT Breakdown (23 AA/22TS)

    Hey guys, I took the DAT a few hours ago and thought I would make a breakdown to give back to the amazing people of SDN. Here it goes! Scores: PAT: 20 QR: 28 RC: 23 Bio: 20 GC: 23 OC: 23 TS: 22 AA: 23 Resources used: DAT Bootcamp, Chad's Videos for GC and OC, Cliff's AP Biology 3rd Edition...
  18. DDental777

    HELP ! Doing better on Dat destroyer then in bootcamp orgo

    Hi my exam is coming up this is mybsecond time taking it Im doing the orgo in the destroyer 2016 and its easier then the BC orgo How should i go about this ??
  19. DDental777

    DAT Exam soon... Any general advice

    Hello everyone I have my dat exam in less then a month this is my second time taking it first time i got Pat 19 QR 16 RC 19 Bio 16 Chem 19 Ogro 21 AA 18 TS 18 Gpa 3.5 Did not even get interview First time all i used was the destroyer and had a weak bio foundation For this tome around i have...
  20. insaiyanpredent

    Buying DAT Destroyer

    Anyone selling their DAT Destroyer and/or any other materials such as the bootcamp? If so Please feel free to leave contact info and let me know the condition of the materials beforehand. Pictures would be helpful. Thank you.
  21. predent2151

    DAT Break Down

    Hey guys, my first post here, usually just sat around and read stuff while prepping for the DAT. A lot of posts made me feel confident and a lot of posts made me feel nervous so I figured I'd write my own breakdown for those taking the 2017 DAT. BIOlOGY-22- Biology was shockingly simple. When...
  22. D

    2013 DAT Destroyer and Math Destroyer

    Selling my 2013 DAT and Math Destroyer. Both are in perfect condition - no writings or highlight markings. Asking for $100 for BOTH books + free shipping. I also have the Kaplan blue book, AP Cliffs Bio, and Organic Chemistry for Dummies available. PM me if you are interested.
  23. SubPar3344

    DAT (2017) - 22 TS, 21 AA - Breakdown/Thoughts

    G’day fellow SDN’ers, That’s right, I’m from the land Down Under, and last week I sat for the DAT and scored the following: Biology 22 General Chemistry 22 Organic Chemistry 25 Perceptual Ability 19 Reading Comprehension 19 Quantitative Reasoning 18 TS 22 AA 21 I know, I know, not amazing...
  24. Micliggity

    One month away and in need of advice!

    Hey everyone! So I started studying for the DAT early December and it's scheduled for February 8 (about 2 months of studying). The first month I spent about 6 hours a day in average studying and have been studying 8-10 a day since the beginning of January (1 month before test). I've seen some...
  25. C

    DAT Breakdown TS 26 / AA 26

    Hello everyone, I took the DAT a few months ago and I found it super helpful to read through all the breakdown threads. Now that I have some free time (aka procrastinating on homework), I can finally write a my own breakdown. Hopefully this will be helpful to some of you. :) DAT Breakdown...
  26. B

    9/7/16 DAT Breakdown

    Hi guys! I'm new to posting on SDN here but I would really love to give back to all you wonderful people especially after looking up so many DAT-related posts. I took my DAT on September 7th after about 2.5 months of studying: Bio 22 Chem 21 Orgo 23 PAT 23 QR 23 RC 21 TS 22 AA 22 First off, a...
  27. C


    seriously all of my time has been put on the stupid QR section i cant take it. its disgusting i hate it soooooooo BAD words cannot explain. i find myself spending 4 hours to do ONE destroyer test. then i get to bootcamp and get 14-15 on this section. i don't know what else to do I'm literally...
  28. C

    pentavalent transition state

    what does it mean by SN2 reactions are pentavalent transition states?????
  29. C

    how long to Finnish dat bio bootcamp

    How long average it take y'all to finish entire DESTROYER bio and get it. ???
  30. D

    dat destroyer QR question

    hey there guys, i have a question in QR in dat destroyer question 38. solve for x : radical x+5 = x -1 i solved it and got the roots as 4 and -1. i understand we have to plug it in. why is 4 the only answer? -1 could work. the square root of 4 could be + and - 2. thanks!
  31. C

    datdestroyer bio

    how are u guys going thru dat destroyer bio.. it has nothing to do with cliffs.. like theres so many random things on it i never saw in cliffs. like first 20 questions are just stuff never mentioned in cliffs. is this normal. how am i suppose to study this there just random facts jumbled up...
  32. C


    how many diff ways can 2 girls and 3 boys sit in a row if the 2 girls always sit side by side. I'm trying to apply chads method but i can't tell how. clearly order matters and when order matters he just puts the number of selections on top and thats it because order matters... so it should be 5...
  33. C


    #92 Consider the following reactino: 4H+ (aq) + O2 (g) + 4 e- <-- --> 2H2O (l) If sodium hydroxide is added, and assuming O2 (g) is at 1 atm and [H+] = 1.0 M, which statement is true? a) The E value would not change since base is not a part of this system b) E value would increaes c) The...
  34. C

    Destroyer Gen CHEM QUESTION

    Guys i have a question about calculating ph problem.. I've been doing this one weird method for every one of those problems and it works.. i want to run it by u guys and see if this is even a thing or I'm just getting lucky lmao so the question states: What is the pH of 1.0 x 10^-4 M Ca(OH)2...
  35. D

    DAT Destroyer QR vs. Math destroyer opinions needed

    hey predenttts. I've been studying for my DAT and I recently transitioned from math destroyer to the QR section at the end of DAT destroyer and its like significantly easier.. and i like it lol. But i don't wanna get played so I want to know is the actual DAT like math destroyer or like the DAT...
  36. T

    DAT Destroyer

    Dear Dental Community, Hope all is well. 1. I would like to buy recent DAT Destroyers for cheap, please let me know if you are selling them 2. I have a full-time job and would like to ask for a study schedule for DAT studying 3. What are the best resources/study materials for DAT? Any coupon...
  37. C

    DAT oCHEM is killing me

    Seriously I have watched chads ochem and been doing destroyer and at this point I feel like I'm just memorizing how things look and shapes and it doesn't feel right. i don't know any concept behind things that I'm doing. I'm thinking of re-watching all of chads? my test is in a month.. do i have...
  38. Endoapp24

    DAT Breakdown 25 AA 25TS

    Holy shiiiiiiii, can't believe I'm done (*literally going through withdrawals as I write this). First off let me start by saying that I am not more academically gifted than you (yes you), and if I can do it you can too. I swear. You just have to put in A LOT of hours, put up with a lot of...
  39. E

    For Sale 2015 DAT Destroyer Materials For Sale!

    Hello Everyone, I am a pre-dental student who recently sat for the DAT exam and is selling my DAT Prep books at a discounted price. I saw my friend's 2016 version of these materials and they are pretty much the same. Nonetheless, I have the following books up for grabs: DAT Destroyer (2015...
  40. M

    HELP with Math Destroyer

    Hi everyone, I am using the DAT/MATH destroyer books and have a question. Does anybody else find some of the explanations in the MATH destroyer to not be very efficient? If anybody is using the 2016 edition please let me know. It does not seem that these explanations have nearly as many...