1. C

    Pacific University DPT waitlist 2022

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific University (Oregon) about a month ago and was recently told I’m on the 1st tier waitlist. I am wondering if anyone knows how the tiers work (how many people are in the tiers etc). Also, does anyone know when the deposit is due for accepted students?
  2. A

    Why do I keep getting denied?

    Hello! I'm looking for some advice. I applied to 25 schools (18 MD/PhD, 3 MD, 4 DO) in summer 2021 for fall 2022 matriculation. I have 3.91 overall GPA, graduated summa cum laude, and 514 MCAT. I was a physics major, published a first author paper in a physics journal, and started an astronomy...
  3. C

    Hoping to get a little feedback...

    My wife is a 2nd year dental hygiene student. Recently a faculty member said she may want to think about switching to another field... She only has a few months of school left and he said she isn't quick enough on the cleaning to pass the final exam. Is this something that is common and is speed...
  4. P

    MD & DO What are my chances??

    Hi guys, Overall gpa - 3.6 (freshman yr- 2.8, all other yrs- 3.7+) science gpa 3.4 Mcat - 506 50 Hrs shadowing 100 hrs hospital volunteer 100 hrs non clinical volunteer 3 clubs (1 leadership position for a year) Intramural sports- 3 yrs 3 rec letters (1 MD physician, 1 Prof, 1 Committee letter)...
  5. ASongOfIceAndDentistry

    Rejected from Dental School - Now What?

    Hi friends. I applied for fall 2017 admission to dental school but was denied entry. I applied to all three schools in Texas (I am a Texas resident) as well as Oklahoma. I got interviews at Dallas and Oklahoma. I was wait listed by Oklahoma before being denied, and I heard nothing from Dallas...
  6. justanotherhopeful

    Denied but Reapplying

    So, I just found out that I was denied admission to OSU. I was also denied admission to CSU; which was partly expected considering I'm OOS. But, the rejection from OSU, my IS, really, really, really, bummed me out to say the least. I didn't even get so far as to have an interview... I wanted to...
  7. A

    University of South Alabama 2015-2016 status

    Has anyone heard back from USA during this application cycle? I submitted my application pretty early in the cycle and haven't heard anything one way or the other.