1. L

    Rethinking and regretting everything (PLEASE HELP ME)

    hey everyone i’ll try to make this as short as possible and cut the sob story but i could really use some advice I’m starting pharmacy school this september and though, a few weeks ago I was really happy to finally start the school that matters, I don’t know if I want this anymore and it’s...
  2. K

    I'm scared

    I posted here before about studying for the DAT a little over 2 months ago and I'm honestly incredibly embarrassed to say that things definitely didn't go as planned between then and now. I take my test on January 9th and so far I've only gone through all of the 2019 DAT Destroyer questions, did...
  3. C

    Help with my diversity essay!! PLEASE IM DESPERATE AND OUT OF IDEAS

    Hello! I am new to posting on sdn but have been browsing forums throughout this whole application process. I am almost done all of my secondaries but have been struggling with the basic diversity essay. I completed undergrad in the US but I am not a US resident/citizen and are planning to do med...
  4. B

    Need Second Opinion

    My dentist said I need a root canal, a crown, and gum cut back. Need some advise if this is necessary. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  5. T

    Totally lost in med school

    I am a year 5 medical student studying in a 6 year program of medical school in Asia and I am totally confused right now. I did quite well in my preclinical years, especially the written part, but my OSCE performance was subpar as I felt extremely agitated and nervous when performing...
  6. SoulReaver69

    MD WAMC: sGPA 2.8 , 509 mcat , SMP 3.8

    Hey everyone, Any sort of assistance or help will be much appreciated.
  7. B

    2.47 GPA graduate with no direction. Panicking!!

    Ok guys so I'm either going to get laughed at or bashed because I graduated recently with a 2.47 gpa as a health science major. I have not taken organic chem 1 or 2, gen bio2 or biochem, yet. Got a D in biology 1 and got an F in the lab. I say this because I want to be a doctor badly. Used all...
  8. P

    MCAT 2017 Study Partner in MD or online

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a MCAT study buddy preferably in Maryland (but online might work too). I am enrolled in the Kaplan online mcat-prep course, so I'm familiar with most of the content & test format. I will be taking the test on March 31st this year. I basically need help staying motivated...
  9. RabbitLove

    Should I give up while I still can?

    I have wanted to be a veterinarian for six years. My entire life has basically revolved around caring for animals. I have even gone as far as to foster over 70 animals in the past three years, work for an animal shelter, and even obtain the position of, "small animal coordinator". I am no...
  10. D

    PCAT study suggestions While taking 6 science classes

    Hello, How would you all suggest I could study for the PCAT in addition to taking 6 science classes right now? Thanks! I need a good solid schedule!
  11. Z

    DAT Bootcamp Estimated Scores vs. 2016 Real DAT Scores

    Hello! This thread has not been up regarding recent DAT score comparisons, so I figured I'd ask. I was wondering if anyone who has taken the DAT very recently (who also did Bootcamp) could tell me how their estimated scores/exam difficulty compared, especially on the PAT. My exam is in 10 days...
  12. NonTrad16

    MD & DO Reapplicant -- NY Resident, 3.5 GPA, 513 MCAT

  13. Lannister

    Is now a good time to sent a letter of intent?

    I'll preface this post with this: I know letters of intent are not that useful, but this school (Case) specifically said that if we are put on post-interview hold and they don't hear from us by March, they'll asume we are no longer interested. So obviously they seem receptive to LOIs. I...
  14. Q

    Desperate for AuD Project Ideas!!

    I'm a second year student in my AuD program and I am really struggling to come up with ideas for my AuD project. I have had a few ideas, but one of them is too complicated for an AuD project and the other, case studies and literature review of cases of misophonia and then recommended treatment...