1. MHA1999

    MFM Gestational Diabetes Study

    I’m doing an internship in organizational management and I’m currently working with a team of MFM providers. I will be assisting in tracking the amount of time the 6 physicians are using to manage the diabetic population in the office. Currently there are 6 Maternal Fetal Medicine providers who...
  2. S

    Top 5 School with 3.0 GPA

    Hello, I am a current PY2 enrolled in a top 5 pharmacy program. I currently have a 3.0 GPA. I have a bachelor's degree (something my program doesn't require), research and leadership experience, and an internship at a local retail store. What are my chances of matching with a program such as the...
  3. C

    REQUEST: List of Risk Reduced of Poor Outcome of Chronic Conditions (Treated vs Untreated)

    May you share a list of chronic diseases and an estimated reduced risk of a poor outcome (heart attack, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, blindness, kidney failure, liver failure, death, etc.) from untreated to treated condition. I think an estimated number will give some patients an objective...
  4. OneWidowsSon

    Clinical Case -

    Hello Community, This is my first post and I was hoping for some help with a clinical case I am faced with. For the case I will post the picture of, I need to identify possible causes, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention and management. I am hoping to get ideas...
  5. D

    Anyone here who has type 1 diabetes and taken step 1?

    Female MS-2 here, have been type 1 for 20 years now! I have an omnipod and am working on getting a dexcom g5 in a few weeks. Does anyone have experience with bringing pumps and CGMs into the testing area? Did you apply for extra time for BG management? Any advice on BGs on test day? Seems like...
  6. J

    Family medicine/student medical conferences

    Anyone know of free conferences for medical students in the specialty of family medicine, diet/exercise, GI microbiome ect more pertaining to family medicine topics? GREATLY APPRECIATED
  7. D

    Microcirculation therapy

    Hi all. Anybody here ever heard of Microcirculation therapy for painful episodes of headache and also a diabetic wound treatment? Let me know. Thanks!
  8. SLCpod

    July 2017 Journal Club

    I apologize for not posting journals the past few months. I have been very busy with moving, graduation, and starting residency. Journal club overview: - An article will be selected and posted each month. Please PM me an article you are interested in and I will select one. Please keep them as...
  9. derp3000

    Surgery Rotations with Diabetes

    Does anyone here with type 1 diabetes have sage advice/experiences they could share in terms of completing their surgery rotation(s)? How did you talk to your attendings/preceptors about it? Did you just go through the school and their disability resources? Any help or insight is much appreciated!
  10. Goro femme

    Surgery and DM

    I was recently approached by a premed who asked about being a surgeon. I didn't have an answer for her because she was recently diagnosed with Type 1. Please no posts about Type 2, because I know plenty of surgeons with that. I have been curious about how many surgeons I can find with Type 1...
  11. riderfirnen

    Tattoos on Neurosurgeon

    I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm hoping to major in neuroscience as an undergraduate and hopefully, someday, I'd like to become a neurosurgeon. I was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I wanted to get a medical alert tattoo on my wrist. Could this be a problem for me in the...
  12. S

    Residencies leading to primary care

    I'm a P3 and am interested in a career in primary care, specifically diabetes management. I'm realizing that for the most part a residency is required to work in this field, but I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a path to a career in primary care where a residency wouldn't be required...
  13. M

    Quick Hb1Ac question

    Hb1Ac is generally measured in mmol/mol, although often also in percentages. What I don't get is why the mmol/mol isn't simply a tenfold of the percentage. mmol/mol basically means 1/1000th right? And percentage means 1/100th. Or am I missing something?
  14. Pakku-man

    Endocrinology: Reference Material for Thyroid dz and Diabetes

    Hello Everybody! If you are an endocrinologist or an endocrinology fellow, would you please recommend me any books or review articles for thyroid disease and diabetes? I am an M4 who is interested in broadening my scope of knowledge in endocrinology. I just recently learned about "ketosis-prone...
  15. D

    Potential pet sitting job for Tufts/Cummings student

    Hi everyone, I'm a 2014 ISU-CVM grad practicing in Maine and recently had a close friend of my wife ask for help finding a pet sitter for her cat. The cat is diabetic and has chronic renal failure and will need meds/treatment twice daily. Due to his needing oral medications, insulin injections...
  16. A

    Volunteer research opporunity for students/ grads (Bioinformatics, Diabetes, Brain Disease)

    Biomedical research opportunities available for high school or college student or higher -- Diabetes, neurological disorder. What: Unpaid research opportunity students/ grads studying Diabetes, as well as a brain disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (we will be doing projects on other...