1. D

    Canine Liver Transplants

    Dear Vets, I am a dog parent of an otherwise healthy Shetland Sheepdog who has recently succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver and who has been given a week to live. A partial or full transplant is her only hope. I have contacted a number of vets, including a Prof. of Vet Med from UC Davis. Their...
  2. S

    Having dogs during vet school- doable??

    Hey everyone. Is owning a dog or two while being in vet school doable? Those who have done it, can you talk about the experience? I show/train/compete in dog competitions with my one dog and plan on adding another in a year, before I hopefully go to vet school in a couple years.
  3. chloeevangeline

    Having a dog in medical school

    Hi, I know lots of people have posted about this before but I am really hoping to only have the opinions of people who have had dogs while in medical school/residency. I am starting school in August and have found a goldendoodle puppy that I really want! I grew up raising dogs and find a lot...
  4. P

    Can You still be a vet if you are squeamish??

    So I really love animals and I want to be a vet, but I'm really squeamish, like I had to leave the room during a heart dissection in class. Do you guys think that is something I can get over?? If so how?? Any advice is much appreciated!!! (BTW I'm currently in sophomore year of high school)
  5. M

    Keeping a dog alive in an emergency

    Hello all, this may seem a bit unorthodox, I am not in the medical profession at all, I am actually a ships engineer but two weeks ago something happened to me which has had my mind turning. I work on vessels which transport passengers, their cars and often pets. Actually there are a number of...
  6. Folkvang

    Antibiotis by species

    Hi I kind of always have a hard time managing the antibiotics of choice to every specie ( Cat, dog, goat, horse, cows) so, i'm studing and trying to separate'em in a spreadsheet for a quick review. Does anybody here have an article, a book or even a file that would recomend me for that? Thanks...
  7. FLVettrain

    Improve my prospect | Build Resume for Vet Tech

    Hello, I'm interested in a job opportunity as a Vet Technician. Certification isn't required here but experience is. I don't have experience yet, and it's difficult to obtain with that requirement on most posts. As some of you know I found a job opening that says willing to train but they were...
  8. T

    Getting a Dog to Help With MCAT Stress

    My husband is studying for the MCAT to take this summer. I noticed he's been very stressed out and isolated. I was thinking about getting him a puppy to help relieve some of his stress and take away some of the unavoidable depression that comes with preparing for the MCAT's. Would that be a good...
  9. V

    Want to be a vet, but don't want to work with pets

    So, here's my dilemma. I love the idea of being a vet. I want to learn all the medical aspects and work with and for animals. However, the last thing I want to do is work with pets. I want to go into vet school to become a zoo/wildlife veterinarian, I've been volunteering at a zoological...