1. J


    Hello everyone, I have a question for everyone in the SDN universe! So I am currently an applicant for the 2019-2020 cycle. I have been blessed with the opportunity to choose between 3 schools that have already offered me a spot in their incoming class of 2020. With that being said, I am unsure...
  2. C

    Re-application Plans

    I have a 3.4 GPA but got a 490 after taking the MCAT the first time. What score do I need in order to get accepted into DO schools? I have tons of hours of experience in Research, and working as a CNA and scribe. Planning on working as a scribe in my gap year. Thanks!
  3. D

    VCOM Campuses

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help out and give their opinions on the different campuses and what the positives/negatives are for each. They now have a Louisiana campus making the decision between the 4 campuses harder. Thank you so much!
  4. S

    What are my chances at DO schools?

    Like a lot of other people, I am starting to second guess my chances of getting into a school and am starting to already think about re-applying next year... not sure what my chances are but here are my stats: NY state 3.72 cGPA; 3.6 sGPA; 506 MCAT (126, 126, 126, 128) Currently a full time...
  5. chemdoctor

    Are these EC's good or am I missing something?

    Volunteering at Hospice volunteering at an Alzheimer's clinic volunteering at a soup kitchen volunteering at a children's orphanage lifeguarding (mostly during the summer) water safety instructing (mostly during the summer) alzheimer's association walks and charity events stuff for clubs at...
  6. B

    How to respond to secondary app q

    How do I respond to this question? ( It is required to, part of WesternU secondary): Is there anything in your application that you would like to explain to the Admissions Committee? I wanted to explain a C I received in Ochem, but in a positive light. I also received a C in another science...
  7. S

    MSUCOM stats good enough?

    Hi guys! This is my first post on SDN. I'm applying to med school this year and I'm taking the mcat in April. I just wanted to know for anyone that got accepted to msucom or any DO and MD school if my stats are good enough. cGPA 3.5 (should be higher since I've attended other colleges and those...
  8. I

    Prospective DO Applicant PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello there, I just recieved my scores for the January MCAT, and I would like to see whether my application is at all competitive or acceptance worth for either Nova Southeastern University DO School, or LECOM DO school, both in Florida. Honors Biomedical Science Major My Overall GPA is: 3.83...
  9. W

    DO Former MD applicant, applying D.O. next year? (cGPA 3.60, sGPA 3.51, MCAT 36)

    Hey guys, I applied to med school the past two years and didn't get in anywhere last year, nowhere yet this year. Maybe I should have done this earlier given my stats, but I'm looking into DO school for next year. I took the MCAT on the old scoring system back in May 2014, which just passes the...
  10. mpsu2014

    To make a deposit or not: that is the question

    I'm sure plenty of people sit in the same boat as myself , but here we go with this dilemma post+pity+: Do I put down the money to hold my spot on my first acceptance due to fear of not gaining acceptance anywhere else/somewhere higher on my list? I understand the deposit is such a small amount...
  11. S

    My chances? Back-up plan advice/recommendations?

    Like many I am worried about my current medical MD and DO application cycle. I just submitted my application and my transcripts are waiting to be reviewed. My concerns are due to my low MCAT score (which I took only once due to taking it August 28th) and the "late" submission of my application...