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  1. echidna001

    Away Rotation Advice for East Coast IM Programs

    I know the general consensus is that away rotations are unnecessary and maybe even risky for IM. I am coming from a MD state school that traditionally doesn't send a lot of students to East Coast programs. Most students I've spoken to in my class are interested in staying more local, so some of...
  2. J

    Help with College Research, Junior in HS

    Hi, I'm from Montana and am interested in a career in the medical field. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for good pre-med schools in the PNW, but also including California? I would like to stay on the West Coast, but if you have any East Coast schools you're dying to recommend, let...
  3. O

    Position Swap PGY2/3 Psychiatry July 2019, East Coast looking for Ohio

    Current PGY2 psych in a NY/NJ area university program. Looking to move closer to my spouse who is currently a PGY1 OBGYN resident in Columbus OH.
  4. I

    UPenn w/ scholarship vs. UNLV (OOS)

    The price for both schools pretty much are the same due to the scholarship I received from Penn. I currently live on the west coast so UNLV would be closer to home, but Penn would be a nice change in environment (but a lot further from my family). I went into this planning on going to more...
  5. D

    Difficulty of getting into a chill east coast family medicine residency

    Hi there, I'm a second year med student at a DO school in California, and due to a family situation, I need to go to the east coast for residency, and I'm not going to consider any competitive california FM residencies. I've been searching and reading about a lot of different FM residencies...
  6. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's East Coast

    I am applying to mostly South East/Midwestern programs. I've seen a lot of people posting about programs past Texas and Nebraska (towards the West), what Eastern programs are y'all applying to? Im applying to: Murphy Deming College of Health Science - waitlisted 10/6 Belmont University -...
  7. Aspiring-Doctor

    Going to a med school on the east coast. Any advice on how to get a residency position at a UC?

    Hi! I am going to start medical school in the east coast in August this year. I am a California resident and am very much interested in coming back to CA for residency. I was wondering how difficult is it to get a residency position at a UC from a decently ranked medical school (50-70th best...
  8. D

    Ruling Out East Coast Schools?

    Hey all, I'm applying this upcoming cycle and I'm figuring out which schools to rule out. I'm a Washington resident, 3.7 oGPA (significant positive trend), 3.85 sGPA, 100+ shadowing, 700-800 volunteer hours, etc. Haven't taken the DAT yet. I'll be applying to a lot of Western US schools, along...
  9. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS East Coast OT schools/grades/questions

    Hello, Okay so I am looking for schools on the East Coast for MOT. Preferably Maryland, PA area. I live in Delaware and applied for Wesley College's program which will be the first in Delaware starting Fall 2016. Still waiting to hear back from them. I applied to Jefferson and Philadelphia...
  10. R

    Position Swap EM swap Midwest for east coast other EM or Psych or IM

    I'm looking to relocate to the East Coast from a strong EM program in Michigan. My ideal would be a different EM program but I'd consider psych or IM. I'm headed into PGY 2 but would repeat PGY 1 if need be. I'm in good standing...
  11. Y

    DO DO School List Revision - Advice Needed!!

    Hey Guys, So here's a little bit about me: 3.8 GPA/3.7 sGPA/507 MCAT (29-30 on the old MCAT) NYS Resident (NYC); will be graduating in spring 2016 Applied to mostly lower tier MD schools last cycle, no interviews. I obviously did not know much about DO schools and pretty much shot myself in the...
  12. H

    Tentative School List!!! For 2016-2017 Cycle

    Hello! My undergrad GPAs are on the lower side (cum 3.5 sci 3.45)....but I have been told that my 4.0 in post-bacc classes and 4.0 graduate GPA, as well as a very strong upward trend in my undergrad GPA (Almost all A's aside from freshman year) should not keep me from applying. I am working on...
  13. M

    Position Wanted FM Position in East Coast

    I am looking for a Second year family medicine position in the NY, CT, Philly, Jersey etc area. Please private message me if you have any information on openings. Thank you!!!
  14. N

    FM programs guidance

    Hi! I'm a medical student from Puerto Rico. Recently graduated from an LCME accredited school here in the island. I'm looking for Family Medicine residencies in the US. My step 1 score is in the 190s and STEP 2 score (2nd attempt) in the 240s. I've narrowed down the states/cities I wouldn't...