1. K

    J-1 ECFMG Visa Question (Please Help!!)

    Hello, I'm a third year US medical student originally from Hong Kong. I am looking to obtain a 'Statement of need' from the Hong Kong Department of Health, in order to apply for a J-1 visa sponsored by ECFMG. I have a year to figure this out since I'm still third year, but I would like to find...
  2. R

    Fellowship as an ECFMG cerified IMG with a General Surgery residency abroad.

    Hi there, I am an ECFMG certified IMG who specialized in general surgeon in a foreign country (not US or Canada). My goal is to get accepted into an ACGME accredited surgery fellowship in the US. I hear about a lot of surgeons doing a non-acgme fellowship, after which they come back to their...
  3. D


  4. blueberryjatt

    ECMFG certification for IMG

    Hi, I'm in a Caribbean medical school and have been finishing all my rotations back-to-back with minimal break time in between rotations. If I continue at this pace, I should be done by the end of July to apply for the 2020 match. My question is: Is it better to delay my rotations by taking a...
  5. M

    USAT stripped by ECFMG

    Is anyone else enrolled in USAT and is wondering what they are going to do about the ECFMG stripping the school of eligibility to sit for the USMLE exams? World Directory listing follows: The information below has been provided by the World Directory’s sponsoring organizations. Canada Unless...
  6. I

    My school lost its accreditation

    Hey, so my caribbean medical school recently lost its ECFMG sponsor notes and has not been able to receive them. The owner of my school decided to start another medical school and is trying to get sponsor notes at that one (hopefully this March/April). Would it be a better option for me to go...
  7. O

    Requirements for ECFMG Certification - WFME Recognition Programme

    I'm a 2nd year med student at Gdansk Medicak University graduating in 2022 (6 year program 2016-2022) I am a bit worried about the information given in ECFMG Information Booklet 2018: "Beginning in 2023, to be eligible for ECFMG Certification, ECFMG will require that applicants graduate from...
  8. C

    ECFMG LOR from a PA, PHD who is not a MD?

    So I have been working and doing some research with this super famous and prolific personnel who used to be a PA and is a PHD and a Professor. Is it okay to get a LOR from this person for ECFMG application? or Can I only get a LOR from a MD?
  9. Wounded Healer

    Dean's letter or MSPE won't be provided by medical school

    Hi, I have graduated in 2015 and I am an IMG. This will be my first application. Since there are very severe political conflicts in my home country, my school refuses to provide me MSPE or Dean's letter.( I know this is stupid but this is what happens). I have contacted ECFMG and they told me...
  10. A

    MD unconventional USMLE situation

    Was wondering if I could get some input/advice. I am a graduating fourth-year U.S. citizen IMG and will be completing my M.D. in May of this year. I began medical school at a U.S. LCME school in 2008 and took and passed my Step 1 (220) in June 2010. Shortly after I began my fourth year, in...
  11. W

    ECFMG certification - and timing

    Hi everyone, I'm expecting to graduate this November but would still like to apply this cycle (Match 2018) for anesthesia. Step 1 and 2 CK are already done and by Sep 15, I will hopefully have score reports for Step 2 CS, as well. So this is my situation: I won't have my ECFMG certification by...
  12. S

    Delayed ECFMG Certification

    I have completed all 3 steps (1, CS, CK), but my school is delaying my degree until December/January although I have completed all components to receive the ECFMG certificate. I am applying for match this year and would like to apply to programs that require ECFMG certification. What should be...
  13. D

    Step 1 in 60 days. Kindly advise.

    The nutshell version : I've been working in healthcare management for the last 3 years. I've taken some time off to take the Steps and try for Residency. There's been a huge gap since the last time that I examined a patient so, it will be slow going to cover the basics(I occasionally refer to...
  14. P

    Help with ecfmg documents

    I will be graduating from a medical school in China next month and need some help with the documents that has to be submitted to ecfmg, as my country of residence requires ecfmg verification in order to register. I have been told by previous graduates that after I recieve my degree I will have...
  15. C

    US Match dilemma

    Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a dilemma with regards to applying to the US residency match. I am a Canadian IMG that graduated in the past month from a reputable medical school in Ireland. However, I have no clinical/research experience in the states, but I have done 1 family med and 1 surgery...
  16. P

    Specialty selection and visa status

    I am a 3rd year US medical student, I am not a US citizen and I am on an F1 visa. I initially came to the US with a J1 visa through a high school exchange program and I already have the 2year home residency requirement which I have not yet fulfilled. My issue is that I am ineligible for H1b for...
  17. D

    USMLE 8 weeks to Step 2. Advice on material for prep ?

    Hi, I'm 4 years post grad and worked in healthcare mgmnt. for the last 2. I'm attempting the step 2 ck first. Please advise on an exam directed schedule and material/content I should cover to maximum effort for a good score. I realise being out of the clinical medicine for some time will be a...
  18. D

    I Have USMLE ID with a Medical School name that I am Withdrawing from?

    Hello Guys, I am about to transfer to other Medical School and already have a USMLE ID number. Now would I remain eligible for ECFMG anyway. If yes how should I notify ECFMG or is it not in my interest to take transfer? I want to transfer my school because I Studied my first 3 yrs in English...