1. DrH541224

    NEEDED: Personal Statement Review!

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could read my personal statement final draft and give me their most honest critique! I appreciate the help.
  2. F

    can i withdraw then resubmit aacomas?

    CAN I RE-SUBMIT THIS CYCLE IF I WITHDRAW BEFORE VERIFICATION? this is probably the most pathetic thing you will read. I submitted my aacomas last week. I now downloaded the application as pdf to read through it and found 6 mf typos in my activities sections like a random "i" or period or wrong...
  3. D

    Best Proofreading/ Editing Service for Personal Statement

    Hi everyone. I'm a third year DO student interested in going into FM for residency. I need some help in trying to find the best proofreading service that won't break the bank . Writing has never been my strong suit so I just want to make sure my PS is up to par. Thanks in advanced for your help!
  4. S

    Personal Statement Review

    Would anyone be interested in taking a look at my personal statement and giving me some feedback? If so please PM me?
  5. artist2022

    ~*~*~*~*~Official Pre-Dental Personal Statement Reader List 2018-2019~*~*~*~*~

    NOTE: THIS IS FOR PRE-DENTS! Pre-med students, we will not be able to help you out much! Refer here for your list! Inspired by Pre-Allo's List Link to last year's thread Hey guys! Happy early Easter :happy: Seeing as the next cycle is just about two months away, and how there have been posts...
  6. Q

    Personal Statement Help Please?

    Hello! I just finished my rough draft of my personal statement and was wondering if anyone would be able to look at it? I wasn't sure if my statement fully answered the AMCAS prompt and I'm not sure if the 2018-2019 thread has been made. Thank You!
  7. P

    Add LOR after Primary submission?

    Hi, I know that the AMCAS only lets you edit a few things on your application after submitting. I was wondering if you are allowed to add more people onto your list of LOR after you submit? Just as an example I currently have 4 letters but am hoping to get two more from supervisors where I...
  8. tangmello

    PS Edit Trade?

    Anyone looking to edit their PS too? I'll help edit yours if you help edit mine!
  9. U

    Diversity Essay

    Would anyone mind reading over my diversity essay? It's pretty short but I'm worried it may sound too cliche. If willing, PM me
  10. U

    Diversity Secondary Essay Review Request

    I was wondering if any of you all would mind looking over my diversity essay and letting me know what you think. Diversity questions always give me the most trouble so I would love to hear any feedback. PM me. thanks.
  11. L

    Can someone review my work and activities section?

    Planning on being done by Friday, just need to finish up the most meaningful essays. I wanted to ask now so that I can plan ahead.
  12. yihaej12

    Soon to be 2nd year dental student and willing to critique PS

    Hey guys, I helped last year editing/reviewing people's personal statements, and I'm back here to do it again! This summer I'll be starting my first quarter as a 2nd year dental student, so I've gotten some more dental school experience under my belt as well as closer relationships with some...
  13. M

    What order should I do my MD/DO application? (Question is not as dumb as it sounds-open me!)

    I guess what I am basically asking is what order should I do everything so that my entire application can be complete the soonest without any area suffering. What can be done while other things are processing? Some stuff can be submitted after. This is essentially what I am asking about. Okay...
  14. J

    Personal Statement Review Please!!

    Hi SDN community, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm sorry if this post is where it shouldn't be, but I looked everywhere for 'personal statement review' threads, but couldn't find a "main" one. Anyway, this is my personal statement. Helpful and honest criticism would be greatly...