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    Concise & organized book on chest x-rays

    I'm using The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need to learn EKGs. I am happy with it. It is concise and well organized into chapters that linearly build up. It assumes that I know nothing about EKGs. I need something similar for chest x-rays. I am a 4th year medical student who needs to work on chest...
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    EKG questions

    Hi all guys, I'm a soon to be medical doctor but I'm still concerned about some aspects of EKG (that i'm actually rewiewing :eyebrow:). First of all I still don't understand some of the physics that lies behind it: how is it possible that the PQ tract is isoelettric if the atria are...
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    QT correction

    Hey All, While many articles and studies tout the importance of correcting the QT interval for either R-R or rate, there seems to be little consensus on what this means. In fact, many educational materials discuss this concept, then provide (potentially) outdated methods that may not have...
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    MD & DO Looking for an ECG workbook with illustrated solutions

    i want a book focusing only on practice problems. No "reference" component. However, all the books I saw will put the ekg on one page and on the other page will simply list the things you are supposed to see. I am looking for a book, where on the other page, the ekg is there but the stuff you...
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    What are the best books/resources for intermediate-advanced EKG?

    Hello, looking for some good resources beyond the basic Dubin. From what I gather EKG maven is a nice source and The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need is a step up from Dubin. Also, if anyone could suggest a recommended study regimen that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.