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    Elms College Master Biomedical Program

    Hey guys, I'm a non-traditional student that have completed pre-med courses. I just recently got accepted to Elms college for a one-year master biomedical program and starting Fall 2018. I wonder If anyone else got accepted and will start in the Fall. If you already in the program or have...
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    Elms College v. Notre Dame de namur

    HI guys, I been accepted to Notre Dame de namur, and Elms College in Chicopee, Ma. My dilemma is which school to choose, and which one gets me where I need to go. Has anyone gone to Notre dame and can tell their story, is it a scam? Also with Elms College, is that a viable school and how do my...
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    Elms College Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Studies 2017-2018

    Hey everyone! I just got accepted to the Elms College Post- Bacc program and wanted to start a thread for anyone who has questions, is joining the program in Spring 2017, or who can give advice on the program and Elms. Thanks!
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    Recent Grad--Post Bacc or wait?

    I just graduated in May 2016 as an English major. I have done my physics, intro chem, orgo, stats, calc requirements and one semester of bio. I need to retake physics and bio and was hoping to do so at a post bacc but missed most of the deadlines, save for one which I'm not too sure about (Elms...
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    Elms College Post Bacc

    Hey! New on here but I recently go into the Post Bacc program at Elms starting this Jan. Anyone else going? I havent heard much about the program but what i have heard seems really good. Just looking to connect with possible classmates and looking for a roommate too actually...anyone?