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  1. H


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend what they used to study for (and pass) Massachusetts's MPJE? Did anyone use Prontopass? All they do is send you the same statutes you can find online, correct? Thanks
  2. M

    Help with MCQ in physiology

    About abnormal myelin due to deficiency of either Vitamin b12 Follic acid Erythropoietin Interleukin 4 Iron
  3. M

    CourseSaver Level of Difficulty compared to real OAT

    Hi everyone, So I'm taking my OAT exam in 5 weeks, and have been primarily using Chad's videos/quizzes, the fat Kaplan Strategies book, and Kaplan MCAT Biology review for preparation. I had three questions regarding to preparation: 1. Does anyone know how Chad's questions compare to the real...
  4. K

    *OFFICIAL 2017-2018 Casper Thread*

    The Casper exam for the 2017-2018 application cycle is around the corner. If you are applying to a school that requires Casper or are taking the assessment soon, please feel free to comment/discuss here. Good luck!
  5. NaDaniel

    Preparing for the MCAT

    I'll be taking the MCAT June 16th. My target score is 518 and I've been scoring in the low 500s on Kaplan practice tests. I have heard that Kaplan often deflates their scores to encourage people to take their classes. Most of the questions that I miss involve subject matter that I haven't...
  6. P

    Step 3 exam scheduled! How should I study?!

    Hey everyone, Little background information about me....I am an IMG, currently in my 3rd year of psychiatry residency training. I took step 3 once, back in March 2016 and didn't pass (188). I am scheduled for my second attempt at this exam and I'm freaking out! I passed all my other USMLEs on...
  7. M

    found decent exam prep resource for study notes -link

    Hey guys, thought I’d share something a guy in my study group showed me. www.medicinestudynotes.com This is getting pretty popular where I study- Its a website that gives pretty good information about oral exams and just general study. It’s written in a pretty funny way and their tips and...
  8. K

    NAPLEX 2016 - maybe only 10-15 select all

    Hi, So I feel that if I was doing very well answering questions about a specific case...it would lead to a select all that apply. However, while I did have many cases of which were followed by 4 questions or so - it did not always result in select all. Is the fact I had only 10-15 select all a...
  9. N

    Geriatric Psychiatry Boards

    Is there anyone taking the upcoming Geripsych boards who is using Beat the Boards review course and has not purchased it yet? Any interest in a group discount?
  10. big-smiles

    Biology portion of the DAT

    Hi! I have heard a lot of mixed things as to what courses are sufficient in preparing you for the biology section of the DAT. Initially, I thought that the content of gen bio 1 & 2 would be enough to prepare me; however, I've heard that courses such as biochemistry, immunology, and anatomy are...
  11. P

    Studying in pharmacy school

    Hi, guys. I really want to get some strategies about how you study pharmaceutical science. Those are like whole of AMDE, how could I be able to get a good score on test? Thanks!!
  12. L

    Part 1 & 2 Exam Questions

    I have study materials for part 1 & 2. I can give you my phone number and e-mail if you'd like to discuss further. I will provide photos of everything I have. ASDA National Board Reprints: These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing...
  13. L

    Exam questions/study materials for sale

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  14. Prof 338

    Free MCAT prep software.....for a limited time

    I am part of a team of professors that have worked with the company Adapt Prep (https://www.adaptprep.com/). This company has documented success in preparing students for CFA and Actuarial exams. We are currently in the process of developing commercial software to assist students in the CAR...
  15. S

    For Sale Study Material for Psychology License Exam

    As can be seen in the picture I have : 8 preparation books and a box of flashcards covering all subject areas, from the association for Advanced Training and Behavioral Science. (AATBS). Copyright 2015 24 CD's From Psych Prep (5 of which are from a weekend workshop) Extra large notebook of study...
  16. doe_eyed

    For Sale Pharmacy Pronto Pass MPJE Federal law Flashcards $60

    Hello, So I am selling the latest version of Pronto Pass "quickcards" for the MPJE. For this exam they made a set that comprises cards and paper. The paper portion is state specific statutes in the form of a larger booklet of paper and a stapled leaflet (state law review) with roughly 80...
  17. M

    Canadian Royal College Exam Material/Help - Anesthesiology + Internal Medicine + Others

    Hello, If you are a IMG looking to write the Canadian Royal College exams, and are looking for help in preparation for written and oral exam components please feel free to contact me at [email protected] The pass rate for Canadian residents is typically higher than 95% and that...