found decent exam prep resource for study notes -link


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Sep 21, 2016
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Hey guys, thought I’d share something a guy in my study group showed me.

This is getting pretty popular where I study- Its a website that gives pretty good information about oral exams and just general study. It’s written in a pretty funny way and their tips and approach is pretty different to what I have found out there thats a good change of pace from bland textbooks.

Since I started paying attention to them my study has really ramped up a lot. Im definitely getting something out of their email each week. They also have an exam planner they email you that matches up to your exam date when you enter it in. Its pretty useful.

They also have two study guides they have made. One on general med and surg the other is on clinical specialties. They are probably two of the best crib notes style study guides I have come across. Basically, they cover a bunch of common diseases in dot points. For me, these are a must get. I have read them on the train to class each day and they are super useful.

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