1. P

    PsyD Programs

    Hi everyone, I am currently deciding between three different PsyD programs: 1) The Florida School or Professional Psychology- Clinical Psychology 2) Kean University- Combined School and Clinical Psychology 3) The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (DC campus) -Clinical Psychology I...
  2. ThatPsyGuy

    Professors/Faculty, How Did You Get Where You Are?

    I recently finished up with some interviews for PhD programs (I believe I did great and I may be getting offers soon). I had some great conversations with a lot of the faculty and working in academia came up frequently. I was always interested in being a professor but after the interviews, it's...
  3. TXneuronerd15

    Contacting Faculty

    Hi everyone, so I've reached out to prospective faculty at all of the programs I'm considering applying to. Several of these programs have more than one area I'm interested in. I was told by someone on here I believe that applying to programs where you can identify more than 1 faculty member...
  4. D

    The most student-centered medical schools

    Hello! I wanted to ask you which medical schools you think/know are the most teaching-oriented, student-centered ones. I understand all medical medical schools are, well, "schools" and care about their students, so that’s why I say "the most" and specify the teaching aspect of it. I’m in my...
  5. P

    Research Inquiry Email

    Is this an acceptable email to send to faculty when inquiring about research opportunities in their field? Dear Dr. ___, Thank you again for setting up my shadowing experience in ____. I found the experience very helpful. I'd like to continue gaining exposure to ____ and am interested in...
  6. SDN

    Forum Members Faculty and Administration Verification

    Thank You! Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice. How Do I get the Upgrade...
  7. amuseddoughnut

    Financing/Paying off med school - Rising M1 interested in Academic Medicine

    I am a rising M1 interested in ultimately taking a position in academic medicine with some amount of clinical time and some amount of research time. I have a PhD already. My cost for med school will be about $120k for the 4 years. I'm trying to figure out if I want to take out loans for the...
  8. T

    Personality and mentoring in doctoral programs, 10 mins survey, win a starbucks card!

    Please help me collect data for my dissertation on the effect of personality factors on doctoral students' initiation of mentoring relationships with faculty members. To be eligible you must be at least 18, and a doctoral student in a social science program who has been enrolled for at least...
  9. T

    Teaching at Veterinary School

    Hello, I want to become a veterinary medicine professor and am looking to pursue a DVM. However, I was looking through the faculty of some schools and it seems that they all have PhDs. Is it necessary or at least heavily recommended to get a PhD if you want to teach? Can you teach with just a DVM?
  10. D

    Teaching after FM

    I have matched to FM and will be starting my residency this July. In the long run I want to teach medicine. What are the various options as a Family physician to teach medicine ( I have heard about physicians in rural clinics acting as adjunct professors for visiting Med students) ? Are there...
  11. C

    PGY-1 good for academia/ hopeful future faculty

    Anyone a PGY-1 resident (or know a PGY-1 resident) whose program is great for students who would like to eventually become a faculty member at a pharmacy school? I am looking for programs that make you primary preceptor for an IPPE student, offer a teaching certificate, assign a faculty advisor...