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Dec 31, 1999
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Thank You!

Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice.

How Do I get the Upgrade?

  1. Post a request here (only you and our helpdesk staff can see it)
  2. Request Faculty/Administration Verification
  3. You must use your .edu email address for the request
  4. One of our staff members will contact you via email at that .edu address for confirmation
  5. Your account will be upgraded upon confirmation
What if I don't have a .edu address?

You can apply for a verified doctor status instead.

Who's Eligible

All faculty and administration at academic teaching centers (medical schools, veterinary schools, residency programs, etc).


Your email and personal information are not shared with third parties; information entered here is for verification only and is not linked to your forums account. Your account will remain anonymous.

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