1. D

    Question regarding LoR from Department Chief for Fellowship ERAS

    This is a question more about ERAS than Neonatology itself, so if someone has a better idea on where to post this, let me know. My partner and I are both residents in pediatrics, and she will be applying to Neonatology Fellowships this upcoming application cycle. She has a LoR being written by...
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  3. Medicalmelon

    otoneurology vs. Neurotology

    Hi everyone, Im a medical student who really is committed to neuro but wants to do Neurotology/otoneurology afterwards. I wanted to get some insight about how difficult it is to get into a otoneurology fellowship coming from a neurology residency. Looking online, it seems that only 4 or so...
  4. L

    Help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI.

    Please help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI fellowship/academic career. 1. Cleveland Clinic Ohio. 2. Case Western UH. 3. U Wisconsin. 4. Boston University. 5. U. Miami. 6. Montefiore NYC. 7. UT San Antonio. 8. UTH Houston. 9. Uni of Kansas. 10. University of Oklahoma. 11...
  5. N

    Best vascular training programs

    Hey all, Gen surg resident here looking to match in a vascular surgery fellowship and was curious about sentiment on the forum regarding which vasc fellowships nationwide are considered excellent training programs while I'm in the process of putting together a list of where to apply. Have also...
  6. N

    Position Available ID fellowship

    Open position for ID fellowship at the University of Louisville, KY. Criteria- must have completed 3 year IM residency at a acgme accredited program. Time sensitive
  7. S

    FM with OB—still possible?

    Hello everyone! I’m a second year FM resident. My main interests include, OB, peds, Derm, inpatient medicine, and possibly some EM. My ideal job would be inpatient medicine and inpatient OB coverage but I realize in order to do OB as a FM doc I’ll have to do some clinic too, though I don’t...
  8. G

    Hem/onc fellowship after pcp

    Hi everyone I ve been doing PCP x 3 years as waiver to get my green card, and now I want to apply to hematology and oncology. I have average step scores, few publications, many posters even in ASCO but 3 years ago and certainly board certified...Do you think Get hem/onc fellowship is harder...
  9. Doohickey550

    Focus on pediatrics in FM

    I am currently an FM resident and I have a very strong interest in pediatrics. My goal is to try to end up practicing mostly in a pediatric setting after residency. I haven’t really decided on the exact setting that I’d like to be in, but traditionally, I have not really enjoyed working in...
  10. D

    PCCM fellowship 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to get a thread started for all of us applying for PCCM in 2019. Feel free to share your experiences during application and interview season. Good luck!
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans Application Essay Tips [2019 – 2020]

    Paul Soros was often overshadowed by his younger brother, financial wizard George Soros, but he was a millionaire in his own right. In contrast to George Soros’s success in the financial industry, Paul Soros made his mark on the world by innovating in the shipping industry, filing patents...
  12. B

    Position Available 2019-2020 Cardiology Fellowship Opening

    Brandon Regional Hospital is pleased to announce the opening of our Cardiology Fellowship. We have two PGY4 spots that we are trying to fill for July 1, 2019. Please pay close attention to the following information, as we have been approved outside of the Match. Eligibility: Must have...
  13. D

    NICU after doing residency at community hospital?

    Hello, USIMG applying for peds. Most of my interviews are at community programs (university affiliated) in the Northeast. Step1:240s Step2: 250s Assuming I’ll have good research and LORs, How much does it matter where I did residency when applying for NICU? Thanks
  14. E

    Cornea Fellowship 2019-2020 (Applying in 2018)

    I thought I’d start a thread to track interviews invites and dates. Storm Eye Institue/MUSC: (email 8/13) Interview 9/14 Doheny Eye Center/UCLA: (email 8/23) Interview 9/26, 10/18 Ohio State: (email 8/23) Interview 10/19, 10/20 Loma Linda: (email 8/28) Interview 9/10, 9/24, AAO Dean McGee...
  15. M

    Position Available ACGME-accredited Brain Injury fellowship now accepting applications

    The department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is now accepting applications for our ACGME-accredited Brain Injury fellowship. For more information you can go to our website: residency.med.psu.edu/programs/brain-injury-fellowship/ or...
  16. D

    Official 2018-2019 Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Post here everything Allergy and Immunology related. Let the fellowship season be informative. Good luck!
  17. M

    Critical Care Question(s)

    Critical Care. I had a question (sort of a multi-part question) in regards to critical care that I wasn’t really able to find a clear cut answer on. I’m aware there are various specialties of medicine, i.e General Surgery, IM, Anesthesiology, and I’m sure a few others, that are able to obtain...
  18. Kakarrott

    Can you combine CC with ID and Renal?

    From a couple of my previous posts and my "research" on Reddit I found out that Critical Care is a great speciality that offers variety, you can diagnose, you can do procedures, people are collapsing out of various reasons, it just seems to be a great anti-boring speciality. On the other hand...
  19. H