1. P

    Need some Insight on What Career Direction to Take

  2. medshousing

    Roommate Houston TX-1BR/1Bath with walk in closet in Museum District- All bills paid

    www.MedsHousing.com Houston New listing! "Looking for female roommate: Private, cozy, furnished room inside the inner loop! $900 all inclusive! Comes with a full size bed, a handmade desk, and a dresser. Room also has a walk-in closet. This spacious house is located right by highway 288 and...
  3. P

    Is there a list of residency programs/hospitals with great maternity leave benefits?

    I'm looking at this stuff very far in advance, but having a family is so important to me, so I'd like to have some sort of idea where the female-friendly programs are. If there is a list somewhere, can you please link it? If not, any ideas yourself?
  4. S

    What are my chances as a black female, low gpa/high mcat?

    What are my chances of being accepted into a md or do school as a black female? My gpa is only a 3.1 but I have a 516 MCAT. I have published research, health-related trip to Haiti, and one year experience as certified nursing assistant (CNA). My last year of undergrad I made straight A's, so I...
  5. Sweet_Tooth

    Dressing for interview--female with religious dress code

    After getting most of my apps verified and submitted the next thing on my mind has been preparing for potential interviews, particularly, dressing for interviews (If I am lucky enough to get invited to any...) As a female Muslim who covers her hair and wears conservative (loose, non skin...
  6. CUatthefinishline

    School List Help (Long)

  7. D

    Emergency Medicine - Now competitive?

    An older student told me yesterday, that the average EM step 1 is 245! That is pretty high. I am originally interested in lifestyle competitive specialties, but have always kept my eyes peeled for EM. I have a lot of debt and want a decent lifestyle, I heard that in the south and rural areas...
  8. DJHanzel

    Gap Year Full-Time Scribe Position in Charleston, SC

    Leaving my scribe position to go to medical school. Looking for a replacement, specifically female pre med student taking a gap year. Message me if interested!
  9. K

    How are you finding your work/life balance and quality of life out of residency?

    Hey ladies - You’ve finished residency, you’re now living the life as an attending. You knew once you graduated that you wanted a ‘work-life’ balance (whatever that looks like for you), hit the gym again (get that pre-med body back right?) and have time for your family, friends, cooking...
  10. J

    Something strange going on at GWU psych?

    I read online and then talked to some people who say this department tries to fire or does fire a female PGYII every year. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I am wondering if there is more to the story given this is a very high rate for such a small program. This year's chosen one made the...
  11. M

    Roommate Room For Rent Near USC Health Science Campus

    Two female USC PA students looking for a third roommate. Females preferred. Very affordable housing near USC Health Science Campus and Alhambra Campus. Available August 1. Rent for the room is $775 plus utilities. This is a 3 bed/2 bath house. Quiet and safe neighborhood across the street...
  12. SerenityFm

    Step 1 Female study partner to revise First Aid est

    Hi I am looking for a very dedicated, reliable consistent female study partner to study and read First aid together . We can study via Skype I am in usa EST time Prefer to study 3-4 hours reading n discussing first aid 16 ... Someone driven motivated and active to study everyday Please...
  13. O

    Looking for female sp/ CK

    I recently finished my Step-1 a couple weeks ago. I am looking for a female study partner.I am from Cali. My goal is to give the exam by September 2016. Please reply me back or inbox me your contact information so that i can contact you.
  14. Pursing My Dream

    Low Science GPA, Advice

    Hello, I am sure everyone has seen this title but I could not find any one that matched my circumstances. I am a junior, female Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 2.79 Major: Biochemistry Minor: Psychology My GPA is unfortunately in a downward tread, most of my bad grades were in organic chemistry...