Low Science GPA, Advice

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Pursing My Dream

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Dec 22, 2014
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I am sure everyone has seen this title but I could not find any one that matched my circumstances.

I am a junior, female
Overall GPA: 3.2
Science GPA: 2.79
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Psychology

My GPA is unfortunately in a downward tread, most of my bad grades were in organic chemistry and physics.

I got two C's and three C+'s . I have been really trying to evaluate what I have been doing wrong since my freshman year and one thing I found was that I started working my sophomore year ( work award) and have been growing in work hours since then in addition to extracurricular activities. I actually work three jobs:
I am a CNA at a retirement center,
I am a chemistry tutor ( my professor always said the best way to master something was to try to teach it) and
I am a work with a man with cerebral palsy

I know I should probably cut back on my working but after my one year scholarships were gone after my freshman year, I have been self sufficient as far as funds. My parents never went to college and don't help me at all with my college expenses.

I am need of advice. Medical school is my destination. I do not see a more rewarding career than becoming a physician. How should I proceed with this GPA ? I am already considering working less since I can only assume working is what is causing this downward trend. How can I explain that in my application if work is the reason ?

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DO --> grade replacement is the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most realistic option

You could also do several years of postbac work, but you probably wouldn't be able to raise it past maybe a 3.3 max

You could also do an SMP and go for the gold, but with a <2.8 sGPA currently, its unlikely you will do well enough in the SMP (>3.7) to set you up well for a med school acceptance.
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