Need some Insight on What Career Direction to Take

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Pumpkin Muffins

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Jul 27, 2019
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I think you are on the right path from what you've shown here. Keep working on the GPA, volunteering, and KILL the MCAT. Couple that with a good personal statement and strong LORs and you'll be set.
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Thanks for the replies! Would it be too much to study for the MCAT during my ABSN? My plan would be to sit for it in late May and then work as an RN while I wait to hear back from schools. Also, what score would be considered competitive for middle to higher level schools?
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You can definitely study for the MCAT while doing other things. I was working full time and taking part-time classes while studying for it. You just have to put in the total time necessary. I studied 700 hours over 9 months and ended up with a 516. If you can get over the 90th percentile that would be awesome in your shoes (514). If you can shoot for around the median at the schools you are applying to that would be good, but some schools care more about mission, and being female and URM can definitely help you meet the goals of many schools.