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  1. yallwild


    I want you all's opinion on pre-studying for first year. I am currently nailing down anatomy along with the functions. I am using an older FA book with the USMLE-Rx videos and the UMich Med School M1 "course" for gross anatomy. With that being said the "med school anatomy is much deeper than UG...
  2. D

    IMG 15 days away from Step 1 NBME advice

    I'm an IMG and have been studying for Step 1 for almost a year after graduation, but the first half of that year was only 3-4 hours a day. Now my studying is up to 8-10 hours and I've gone over FA twice with Kaplan and UWorld once but a lot of the notes I took for UWorld I don't have the time to...
  3. R

    For Sale Brand New First Aid Cases for Step 1 Third Edition

    Brand new First Aid Cases for Step 1 the third edition for sale. No marks, in excellent condition. $40 including shipping.
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    Firecracker discount - $100 off

    Hello everyone, I have been using firecracker for 3 years now and wanted to share this referral code that can get you discounts on any of the plans including more than $100 off the 2 year subscription. Just post the link in the web browser so you can see the discounted rates...
  5. Tobirama

    Study Guide for Step 1 Study Starting Day 1 of MS1

    I'm enrolled for MS1 next year and have been gathering information to come up with a plan to start studying for Step1 beginning on the first day of class. Does anyone have any experience doing this and how did it work out? My plan is to focus on my preclinical studies and gain a strong...
  6. slowthai

    Do you (or will you) guys annotate FA?

    Title of thread
  7. BlueBee20

    boards resources - ovewhelmed

    hello all - looking for advice! i've just begun second year and all anyone talks about anymore is BOARDS. please help me decide what to throw my cash at as far as resources go! i understand UFAPS is where it's at. i will be getting UWORLD 6 months, i have first aid, i plan to get sketchy, and...
  8. RaginMD

    Step 2 CS First Aid: 5th or 6th edition

    Hello guys, So I'm taking CS at the end of September and I have the 5th edition of FA that I got from a friend. I'm just wondering if I should buy the 6th edition? Are there any significant changes that would make it worth the purchase. I was also contemplating buying a 30 day World...
  9. Piglet2020

    Good resources for step prep

    So I already bought first aid, uworld, pathoma, and sketchy. I also downloaded Zanki. Has anyone heard of usmle rx? What about other resources?
  10. N

    What counts as medical experience/clinical hours?

    Ok, I have done a lot of research on this to determine what counts and what doesn't for both clinical experience an so medically-related volunteering. I have seen some very mixed opinions on whether caregiving counts as clinical. I work in a nursing home alongside CNAs and we functionally do the...
  11. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount

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  12. M

    Do you read all of the RX qbank explanations

    Do most people read the sections of FA at the bottom of the explanation? I feel like it slows you down with diminishing returns. Wondering how others approach it.
  13. Itsnotludwigs

    CBSE advice for OMFS residency

    I am currently trying to formulate some sort of study plan/schedule for tackling the CBSE, but it seems quite thoroughly overwhelming. There are so many study resources and so little time with which we, as dental students, actually have to study this material. I see my med school friends...
  14. haidarmm

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  15. O

    USMLE Only UWorld without First Aid

    Is there anyone who did not study First Aid and just studied from Uworld. I have my exam in 3 weeks and have just done Uworld. I read the explanation somewhat. What are your views. I was never comfortable with First Aid. So should I start studying First Aid now?
  16. haidarmm

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  18. V

    Kernohan notch confusion

    A bit confused why compression of contralater superior peduncle causes ipsilateral paresis on the side of the lesion. Superior peduncle --> contralateral cortex (in this case side on the lesion) --> contralteral side of the body. So wouldn't the compression on contralateral penducle via...
  19. D

    USMLE USMLE 1 study help

  20. medlife2017

    December/January Firecracker discount

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  21. ?

    USMLE .

  22. T

    ABFM First aid Book

    I am selling the book on ebay 2018 edition/FM Boards. Very useful for the exam.
  23. T

    Physical Therapist Learning Emergency Medicine

    I love all aspects of the medical field, but I feel like I would enjoy physical therapy the most because it allows me to have a family and get to spend time with them more than say emergency medicine or surgery. The only thing I think I wouldn't like is the fact that I wouldn't have the...
  24. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount (always valid)

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  25. C

    Study Partner wanted in Chicago, IL

    Hello, I was looking for a study partner in Chicago, IL. I am an IMG and planning on taking the Step 1 in October and wanted someone to study with. Maybe we can quiz each other, do questions and review them and discuss topics each of us are having trouble with. I also work a part-time job so I'd...
  26. Y

    Using First Aid to study outside of US

    Hello I'm a medical student in Portugal, so I won't be taking the Step 1 exam. But, throughout the years I've seen students from the US referring to the book First Aid when talking about studying for Step 1. I've been searching for a good book with high-yeald information to review concepts from...
  27. R

    Reporter seeking MD students to discuss pre-clinical education

    Hi! I'm a reporter (and MD student) and am looking to write a story about how medical students use extra-classroom resources (Sketchy, Pathoma, Boards&Beyond, etc.) during their preclinical years. If you're interested in sharing your experiences, please comment below. Happy to receive responses...
  28. medlife2017

    60 day uworld subscription

  29. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount

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  30. DentalRose

    NBDE part 1 ANATOMY resource question

    Hello all! I'm taking the NBDE part 1 soon, and I've learned that Anatomy is my weakest section. I've gone through First Aid, the NBDE mastery app, and some old tests. I don't have the $ for dental decks. I am wondering whether anyone has any good resources that goes over the Anatomy section...
  31. M

    1 Year from taking Step 1, any tips?

    Hi everyone, I'm 2 months from being done with first year and I feel like I've learned so much but at the same time nothing at all. Just holding First Aid in my hand gives me anxiety knowing that I'm going to have to memorize EVERYTHING (exaggeration) in this book. It seems impossible to know...
  32. T

    Nbde part 1 and part 2 materials

    Hey Friends, I am selling Nbde part 1 and part 2 materials that I have at very low cost. Soft and hard copies. Please inbox me for details. Hard copy(NBDE PART1 & 2 ) : -dental decks -first aid 3rd edition -Kaplan notes -Asda papers (all released papers) -‎Mosby(part 1) -‎Master Qs
  33. D

    (BC-Vancouver-Lower Mainland) Volunteer hours?

    Hey everyone! If you are in need of volunteer hours in a medically-related field please inbox me! :)
  34. P

    200 on NBME after 7 wks of studying

    Hi all. I've been studying for Step 1 for the past 7 weeks. Here is the progression I've had thus far: CBSE: 168 NBME 17: 178 USWA 1: 205 NBME 15: 198 NBME 13: 201 My question is: what should I do to improve in the next 7 weeks? My goal score is a 230 but I'll be happy with a 210-220. Is that...
  35. Dr. Amoeba

    BOTH I want to get started early, but I have no idea how...

    I'm an incoming DO Student, and I've been told that I should begin studying for the Step 1 ASAP. As a result, I'm trying figure out which resources I should get now so I can begin prepping, and which materials I should hold off on getting until maybe I begin my second year. I ask this because...
  36. medlife2017

    Firecracker discount - Expires February 1st

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  37. U

    USMLE First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 2018 Ed for Free

    Download Now First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 2018 Ed forFree Download link>>u2e(dot)us/Firstaid2018 Another link >> usmlematerials(dot)net/first-aid-usmle-step-1-2018-ed-pdf/ Don't forget to replace (dot) with . •Here’s why this is the ultimate USMLE Step 1 review:• •A complete...
  38. bernas

    Wanted: Nbde part 1 study materials!!!

    Hi there, I really need some study materials for nbde part 1. I'd like to buy; 1. ASDA released questions (for recent years) 2. Dental decks (not copy, I need the original) 3. First aid book. Is there someone who will sell me these resources or recommend where can I buy from? I'll appreciate...
  39. yankpak786

    Selling: NBDE Part 1 study materials

    Hi there, Recently passed the NBDE Part 1, and I am now selling an entire package for the NBDE Part 1. 2017 Edition of NBDE Part 1 Dental Decks, mint condition (neatly organized into 14-day study schedule) Kaplan NBDE part 1 study guide First Aid NBDE part 1 book ASDA released Q's booklet...
  40. Y

    Step 1 preparation

    Hi! I will be taking steo 1 next summer (july maybe) and since I already began my second year of medical school I was wondering at what moment should I start studying for it. Also, what plan would you recomend? And finally, how old is "too old" for a first aid? I have the 2016 version, should...