1. D

    Staying Focused During MCAT

    Hi! I've started realizing a pattern with my practice tests. About half way through the BB section (the most difficult one for me), I lose some focus and stamina. Most of my missed questions from this section are disproportionately in the second half! I think I just get frustrated with the...
  2. A

    How do I improve MCAT score? (especially chem/phys)

    Howdy, So my first Princeton review full length I got a 499 (123/123/127/126) and I just took another PR full length today and got a 505 (123/126/127/129). My issue is with chem/phys obviously. How can I improve this score? I have approximately 30 days before I take my official MCAT (Jan 19th)...
  3. Z

    Explaining a Lower Set of Grades

    This is weird, but I apply to medical school in about a year. I started medication for depression and anxiety one week before I started college. I was a 4.0 student in high school, but my medication has put me in kind of haze, and now I'm pretty average at a 3.45. I have ADD as well, but...
  4. R

    Steps in the right direction?

    Hi SDN community! Just wanted to get some feedback on the steps that I've taken regarding the process of getting into med school and I am looking for advice/comments/concerns ... anything helps. So I'm a first year premed. Academics first quarter went well. Got involved with a club that...
  5. wannabedoc1231

    How do you focus?

    Hi all, So my #1 problem when reading the passages is FOCUS, especially when I find the topic to be not very interesting, like in CARS section. This causes me to re-read the passage several times in order to understand, and the time runs out. What strategy do you follow to keep yourself focused?
  6. S

    Studying and Syncope

    Hi all, Vasovagal syncope is usually associated to sight of blood, but I was wondering whether anyone experience this while studying? I noticed that when I would begin studying, after say 15 to 20 minutes, I would lose the ability to concentrate. I would be able to read but not process...
  7. M

    Feel worried and guilty for leaving single parent away for medicine

    Hi everyone, I am very fortunate to be accepted by a DO school as an international student but as time approaches to matriculation date, I am becoming more worried and stressed for leaving my mom alone with all the responsibilities while traveling abroad for a career I worked so hard for. If...
  8. PhilosophicalMed

    Tips for staying focused?

    I am just wrapping up my first semester of pre-med. My GPA isn't even close to what I wanted it to be. Cumulatively, I have a 3.6 from classes that I got college credit for in high school, (which makes me feel a lot better.) The point of this post isn't to complain about my GPA, though. I have...