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  1. I

    MPH schools for foreign students

    Hello all! I am a physician from the Philippines and I am interested in pursuing a MPH degree in the US. Does anyone know which public health schools are inclined to accept foreign students and which schools provide scholarships or financial aid to foreign students? Is there a website that has...
  2. beyoutiful_sunshine

    International Student/Foreign Nationals in the field of physical therapy

    Hi! I've been wanting to create this thread for quite a while and decided to just do so although I sense there might not be a lot of international people on here, ha. Anyway, I was just wondering if there was any international students in PT school, applying to PT school or who have graduated...
  3. Admiral Charly McPie

    Foreigner for veterinary Internship on Guam (who did it before?)

    Hi, I am a veterinary student in my final year at university and I got the rare chance to do an internship at a vet clinic on Guam. But I am from Germany, so I will have to obtain a so-called J-1 visa in order to ever set a foot on US-territory and start my internship. Everything is sorted out...
  4. beyoutiful_sunshine

    DPT 2016-2017 International Applicants

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any international students applying this cycle. What are your stats like? Where are you applying to ? Do you have any plans scholarship wise? And if there are international students that have gotten into PT school and would share their experience applying...
  5. thaalouu

    NON EU looking to study medicine in Europe (France)

    Hey everyone! I'm currently studying health sciences at a four year uni in the US. I am of Haitian descent and have a good base of French (able to hold a conversation, have a well understanding). I am very interested in studying medicine in Europe, specifically France. My questions are: How...
  6. adreh44


    When life throws you a curve ball... you become a nontraditional!!! :laugh: I know I want to become a doctor. That's crystal clear but the path to becoming one is not as clear as I thought it would be :uhno: Due to some unforeseen events, I have to change my plans and decided to pursue medicine...
  7. S

    Caribbean student hoping for a Plastic residency on USF. Any advice?

    Hi! I am a dominican medical student on my 4th year of a 6 year program without american citizenship or residency. What do I need to obtain a spot on the Plastic Surgery program at the University of South Florida? And if is not possible, which Plastic Surgery program specializing in...