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    Franklin Pierce NH Class of 2022

    Hi everyone! I just received an acceptance from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire but still have some questions for anyone who currently attends or has visited the campus. What is the campus/surrounding area like? From pictures online, it looks like a lot of the graduate health...
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    Franklin Pierce NH or AZ

    Hey guys, So I'm still waiting on other schools to get back to me, but I got into Franklin Pierce AZ campus today for DPT and I was also accepted to the NH campus as well. From what I've seen so far online, it seems like the main/original campus (NH) is ranked higher and seems slightly better...
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    Franklin Pierce NH acceptances?

    Has anyone heard back from Franklin Pierce in NH yet? I know they started sending out acceptances last year around this time, hoping to hear back before the usual January time. TY!
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    Franklin Pierce (AZ) DPT Class of 2020

    Hi all, I plan on attending FPU in AZ as the entering class of 2020. I wanted to see who else is planning on going there. I'm not sure if there's a fb group out there yet, but I wanted to reach out to potential classmates & would love to hear from you! I'm also curious about living situations -...
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    Franklin Pierce feedback

    Hi, I'm looking for any feedback or info about the Franklin Pierce DPT program in Arizona. I was just accepted there and have until Friday to decide. I'm having a hard time finding much information about the program and am a little concerned about some of the negative things I've heard regarding...
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    Looking for Franklin Pierce AZ feedback

    Hi, I was just accepted to FPU in Arizona. I am trying to find more information about the program and am having a hard time. Any recent grads or current program attendees have any feedback? I was also accepted to MCPHS in Worcester, MA and am trying to compare the two programs to see which would...