1. M

    Free MCAT guide from a 518 scorer

    Hi everyone! I used to be a student studying for MCAT just like you and I too often used these forums. I really struggled with MCAT as a whole but after 1000 hours of studying I was able to pull of a 518(129,129,132,128). Through all my time studying I found that that there was just so much...
  2. D

    40% off Firecracker!!!

    Firecracker discount code. 40% off. Firecracker
  3. MCATdisciple

    The MCAT Disciples Annual MCAT Prep Course Scholarship for Underrepresented Minorities

    Event: 4th Annual MCAT Preparatory Course Scholarship Details on this course may be found at Event Timing: 5/30*/20 - 8/31/20 7am-5pm minimum 5 days/week | Access to course materials until end of 2019 testing cycle | Students may finish prior to 8/31/20. Event...
  4. T

    Help: free Pharm tech ce sites (besides powerpak)

    Hello all, I need to complete CE hours to renew my Pharm Tech license in Michigan. Would you please list websites where I can earn free Pharm Tech CE hours? Thank you in advance :)
  5. M

    Free NAPLEX questions

    Hey Guys, Just sharing a nice website I found to prepare to NAPLEX exam, thought it might be useful: naplex Practice Exam and Questions | certMD test prep Michelle
  6. medlife2017

    Giving Away Free Firecracker Discount (Best Out There)

    Hello all, I have been using firecracker while at Wayne and I highly recommend getting a subscription for any medical student out there that wants to keep up with material for the step exam. If you decide to get it, please use my referral code, which will give you a huge discount and save me...
  7. D

    Part time Scribe needed in Plano, TX Area

    We are looking for a fast and energetic scribe, to help a doctor in one or two facilities. The Scribe provides real-time charting for the provider by shadowing the provider throughout their schedule and performs a variety of tasks. Free daily lunch will be provided! Qualifications...
  8. phillipjr

    Free (Giving away) Skype Dermatology Course for the USMLE

    We are a team of international MD’s developing a new online (Skype) USMLE course for Steps 2 & 3. We will soon be publicly offering our Dermatology course and we are looking for a medical student or medical doctor to help us ‘beta-test’ it, mainly as far as the time required for its completion...
  9. Locumstory

    Free (Giving away) Family Med Physicians, join us at FMX for a Spa Night

    The research shows that family medicine is one of the top specialties for feeling of burnout. So we're treating you to a taste of your own medicine while at FMX 2016 in Orlando! Join us at the Hyatt Regency Spa on Wednesday, Sept. 21 for a mini spa treatment, food and drinks. RSVP here...
  10. Q

    What could happen if Clinton makes medical school tuition free?

    Do we expect more applications (more people willing to go into medicine) and increased competition? Do we expect lower salaries for future doctors as physicians and surgeons will no longer fight lower pay as they have no big loans to pay? In other words, do we expect complete turmoil for...
  11. FancyFloss

    Android/iPhone/Computer Free Apps

    Does anyone have a list of FREE apps for mobile or PC/Mac to use while studying for the DAT?
  12. Altius Premier Tutor

    Free (Giving away) Full Length MCAT-2015 Practice Exam

    Altius Test Prep is seeking feedback from SDN members regarding our Full Length MCAT-2015 practice exams. We sell a set of ten FL exams, but want to give you one at NO CHARGE, in exchange for your honest feedback. To access your free exam, please call our office at 435-671-5783 and mention...
  13. Prof 338

    Free MCAT prep software.....for a limited time

    I am part of a team of professors that have worked with the company Adapt Prep ( This company has documented success in preparing students for CFA and Actuarial exams. We are currently in the process of developing commercial software to assist students in the CAR...
  14. K

    FREE Medical Journals - Radiology - 1982 - present (Woodland Hills)

    Some years 10+ are bound already with Physicians name. Radiology(RSNA) 1982 - present American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) 1982- present Pick-up only. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA Located in an upstairs office. Please contact me via email at [email protected] as I will not be...
  15. M

    DIY MBA/MHA Resources and Advice

    Good Afternoon all from San Diego, Since graduating from UG last year with a dual degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, I have had my mind set on obtaining and MBA/MHA and pursuing the business end of medicine (ie. operations.. ultimately CEO). First a little background: I have worked in...