Free (Giving away) Skype Dermatology Course for the USMLE
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Jan 2, 2012
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We are a team of international MD’s developing a new online (Skype) USMLE course for Steps 2 & 3. We will soon be publicly offering our Dermatology course and we are looking for a medical student or medical doctor to help us ‘beta-test’ it, mainly as far as the time required for its completion.

The course will be in 30-minute sessions. You can complete as much as you like or the entire course. You will receive our illustrated Dermatology notes in PDF form, even if you decide not to proceed further than the first session. In return we would like to ask for your honest review of the course, especially in regards to how useful and interesting you found it.

If you are interested, please reply to this ad to set up a Skype session. Thank you for your interest.

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