full length practice exams

  1. violagirl01

    MCAT Advice- 494 first FL with 3+ months left

    Hi All, I started studying for the MCAT around mid-May, with a plan to self study and take the MCAT in January. I am taking full credits this semester, including Biochemistry and Physics. I focused on content review this summer, starting with a 492 NS diagnostic. Early September I took my first...
  2. L

    AAMC Study Schedule

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a MCAT study schedule with only the AAMC material for the month prior to taking! I tried looking for one but I couldn't find one, or if anyone has any tips on which way to work through the AAMC material in the weeks before the actual MCAT! Please I am looking...
  3. P

    Full Length Exams

    What is a good number of full length exams to take? How many did you take and which ones? Kaplan? ADA? Were any of your full lengths DAT exams? How accurate are the Princeton OAT exams? Thanks!
  4. B

    Real MCAT score much lower than practice

    I will have a TL;DR at the bottom but I am looking for guidance, observations, experience, and recommendations while I plan my approach for the retake. Background - I am a nontraditional student. Poor grades early in college (undeclared major without a goal or focus) and only went because I was...
  5. ME1221

    3 Free FLs with Kaplan?

    Maybe the information I am seeing about 3 free Kaplan FL with purchase of the books is dated, but I cannot find them in any resources. I have registered my books (based on one word in random sections of the books) to my Kaplan account, but only see 1 FL exam. Anyone know anything?
  6. It's lupus!

    MCAT Practice FL Numbers Breakdown (AAMC/Kaplan/NS)

    So I did some number crunching in preparation for retaking my MCAT. I found a spread sheet of a total of 147 people who reported their full length practice exam scores and their actual MCAT scores. For each I chose to keep only their latest practice FL for comparison to their actual score. I...
  7. S

    Which FL Practice tests to prioritize

    I know to prioritize the AAMC FL and have put it in my study schedule, but I also have 11 Kaplan FL +diagnostic and have heard that EK FL are the closest to the actual MCAT. There's no way I'd be able to do all of the FL as one sitting exams, but was wondering if I should prioritize certain 3rd...
  8. P

    Next Step Full Length Inflation

    I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored NS1 503 NS2 503 (58% Correct Overall) However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section. So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average...
  9. J

    HELP: The Berkeley Review vs ExamKrackers Full Lengths

    Hello, I have gone through all Princeton Review practice exams and I need to buy more. From those of you who have either taken the TBR or EK practice exams, which ones should I buy? Which ones are more comprehensible and similar to the actual MCAT? Please let me know! My MCAT is on May 13th and...
  10. M

    Kaplan Full Length Same Score on FL 2 and FL 3

    So I took Kaplan's FL 3 this week and I improved my CARS and psych/soc sections, but my chem/phys and bio/biochem dropped when compared to Kaplan's FL 2. I ended up with the same score on 2 and 3. Should I be concern about the section scores "flipping"? Anybody else experience this? Also, I'm...
  11. R

    Altius Full Length Tests?

    For those who have taken the MCAT and prepared using Altius Tests (or Next Step, Kaplan, etc), could you tell me how similar your FL practice test was to your actual score. Did you feel like Altius/NS/Kaplan were good representatives of the actual MCAT? How were they different? Any other...