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Feb 5, 2016
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I have been taking Next Step exams and have scored
NS1 503
NS2 503
(58% Correct Overall)
However, I did really poor on one section (P/S 49% correct) and Next step gave me a 125 in that section.

So how accurate are these scores? I had a friend take all 10 Next Step exams and average 505 and 506 on all of them and got a 501 on the real exam in July. I am not sure how accurate 58% correlates to a 503?

Someone else I know has been using Altius exams and has been getting 70% correct and has been getting 504-505. Is next step just inflating the scores?

Basically my question: Should I buy Altius exams or another company instead? I have the AAMC Full Lengths but my test date isn't for another 25 days so I will take AAMC 2 next week and AAMC 1 the following week.

(I have also taken EK1=56% correct
And AAMC Sample
C/P 56%
CARs 74%
B/B 54%
P/S 75%)

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CARs and Psych are good. I know it's not an exact correlation but for reference I got an 80% on AAMC FL 1 P/S and it gave me a 126.

I read a thread from awhile back that NS scores consistently under 505 can be really wacky because they inflate low scores, I don't know if they fixed that or not. I scored slightly higher than you on NS exams but similar and I am taking an AAMC FL this week so I'll let you know how it goes!

The only way to truly judge where you are is a score FL under realistic conditions.