1. M

    The Seven People You'll Meet on SDN (updated)

    I've been tossing around this idea for a while during my time (lurking) on these threads this year. I found a similar thread here by @scpod from 2005-2007 but think the topic deserves an update in recognition of the new decade, the rise of social media, and unique millennial / Gen Z quirks...
  2. StanfordMedStudent2018

    "We're the One" (Stanford School of Medicine Parody of "I'm the One")

    Hey Pre-Meds! Stanford's back at it again with this year's parody music video (presented by the entering PA and MD classes of 2017):
  3. Zorodek

    Advertisement The Universe Review, take a break, have a listen

    Hello there, Recently The Universe Review release ep.4 which is about Human Organs. i am posting here as i am not a fan of spamming forums, and truly respect the medical community, and this seemed the only appropriate thread. So, i think anybody who has any medical knowledge will find this...
  4. lets_operate

    Valentine's Day Medical Puns

    Hi friends! This is a rather frivolous post, but I'm totally missing the days in elementary when we used to send valentines to everyone in our class. So this year, I'm doing valentines for my class (it's pretty small), but I need some good medical valentines day puns. Please help a girl out...
  5. Toothout

    Dental school funny videos

    hey guys! Lately, I've been craving for dental school related YouTube videos, but I can't find that many. Could you share with me your favs? This is my favorite: the six people you'll meet in DS I'm looking for more stuff like this. Parodies (songs) will be welcomed, but I'm not a fan.
  6. RedLauren

    Funny quotes from "less informed" pre-vets

    I saw a thread like this in another part of SDN and could not help but think how relevant it is to those of us that are pre-veterinary. Because many of us are playing the waiting game right now, and we need something to lighten our spirits I'll go first. A nice girl in my o chem lab last year...
  7. SrJulio

    Funny Story: Dr. Love is arrested AGAIN

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/florida-fake-doctor-teenager-malachi-love-robinson-arrested-new-theft-charges-a7216166.html "So what kind of shadowing have you done? " "I have opened a practice and treated patients before I turned 18. "
  8. S

    Best quotes

    What are the best quotes you've ever heard from attendings, residents, interns, nurses, front desk staff, and of course.. Patients ??