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  1. T

    dental schools with the best clinical programs

    Hi everyone! I know there aren't rankings for dental schools. But putting tuition aside, which dental schools do you think produce the best general dentists that are ready to work right out of school and work confidently? I know most schools have a good clinical program but which schools have...
  2. M

    Maryland (IS) vs. Penn

    Any input would be helpful. Given that price is not a factor, would both schools give comparable clinical experiences for students wanting to practice general dentistry? I realize most recent grads will have slow hand skills anyway, so are the differences among schools' D3/D4 clinical years...
  3. D

    UCSF (IS) vs. UoP

    Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive acceptances to both of these schools and want to get people's opinions on both schools! Tuition for UOP is about $130k a year (total: 390k)while UCSF is $60k a year. I am from the bay area so living cost is not included. I don't want to specialize...
  4. K

    Gap Year Opportunity

    We are looking for a dental intern for a 1 year internship program starting in June/July. This is for anyone looking to have a "gap-year" after graduation prior to being accepted into dental school. This position entails learning critical lab techniques (pouring and mounting models on...
  5. E

    Restorations Survey for General Dentists

    https://redcap.wvctsi.org/redcap/surveys/?s=FW9WRNJA8C Hello, would you like to participate in an anonymous survey? The survey is open to practicing general dentists located in the United States of America. This study is under the acknowledgment of the WVU IRB and participation is completely...
  6. Z

    GPR vs A Family Owned Practice

    Hi eveyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm a D3 and I had originally intended on coming straight out of school and joining a practice owned by my parent. But after going to school and being in the clinic I am starting to wonder if I am going to feel confident enough in my skills to...
  7. I

    Question for practicing dentists

    This is my first post here on SDN, and it is a question that has always intrigued me. I am not specifically asking how much money any specialty makes, however I am curious about the dental GPR hospital residencies. I am considering hopefully going into OMFS down the road as I love the field, but...
  8. wengerout

    GP vs. Ortho

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if it still makes sense to pursue an Ortho residency or would I be better off being a GP and then taking a bunch of Ortho CE? I know with the rise of "Super GP's" the future of Ortho might be uncertain. What do you guys think?
  9. Zentist007

    Can Dental Students write scholarly yet practical articles?

    Are you a dental student who also likes writing CREATIVE blogs/articles to current or trending issues in the dentistry? The web is full of boring messages that current dental patients have hard time connecting with...only new generation can change it. Some topics could be: Affordability...
  10. Michael Furlong

    General Dentistry Practice For Sale - Tamarac, FL

    General Dentistry Practice For Sale in Tamarac, FL Long establish Dental Practice in busy ground floor medical plaza located in Tamarac, FL right off of University Dr., a main thoroughfare. This office is collecting on average $300k+ per year on a 3 day doctor office schedule. Dentist is over...
  11. CardsDMDOMS

    Practicing on the West Coast

    Any help is appreciated. I am graduating dental school soon and will be doing a 1 year GPR which gives IV sedation competency. My significant other and I will be looking for places to settle down, and SoCal is desirable. - Is Southern California actually as hard of a place to practice as...
  12. S

    To specialize in perio or not?

    Dear Dentists of SDN, I am currently a 3rd year dental student, who is very interested in specializing in perio. I am interested in gaining insight about how periodontists are currently performing in private practice. I understand that the private conventional perio office might not be as...
  13. C

    General dentist LOR

    Are there any dental schools that require a letter of recommendation from a general dentist to apply? I have a LOR from a pediatric dentist but I want to make sure I am not limiting myself by not getting a LOR from a general dentist.
  14. N

    Question: Work in US as a orthodontics

    Hello! I have a question, if I am a international dentist, and I pass nbde 1 and 2, if I apply for orthodontics in US after finished the program I can work? Or is better if I do a resident of general dentistry and then apply for orthodontics? Thank you, in advace..
  15. S

    For Sale General Dentistry Office near Saint Louis, Missouri

    Established General Dentistry Practice for SALE near Saint Louis, Missouri, located in Wright City, MO. Address: 109 Westwoods Rd, Wright City, MO 63390 Please Call 636-745-2424 if interested Or email [email protected] Willing to negotiate. Thank you,
  16. DentistryInMyFuture

    Advice Needed: Dental or Medical School?

    So heres my dilema. I can honestly say I love both Medicine and Dentistry. I have been actively working on my Dental School application for the application process this June and thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do (General Dentistry but do alittle bit of everything: fillings, crowns...