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give up

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    Advice on whether to continue pre med track

    I failed Ochem last quarter (just barely) and retook it this quarter. Everything was going super well until the coronavirus pandemic happened (for more context finals were put online and to deter cheating they made the final longer and harder). I'm pretty sure I failed the final and thus the...
  2. T

    Can I still do it? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Hi all been a follower of this site for quite some time. I really appreciate all the time everyone dedicates giving advice and guiding us pre med students. I am currently wrapping up my junior year and am seeking advice. I constantly find myself discouraged and debating if I should continue...
  3. S

    Should I give up my dream of becoming an MD?

    I apologize in advance if this is too long for anyone to read but I don't know where else to turn to, I'd like some realistic advice. I have never ever wanted to become anything else or seen myself becoming anything else other than a doctor. I am just worried about my transcript and how schools...
  4. D

    Should I give up med school?(I need some advice)

    Hi, guys. I need some advice on my GPA in college and status as a premed. I'm currently a sophomore at Brandeis University. I'm majoring in Neuroscience and Biology with minor in Philosophy. To get right to the point, I have a 3.2 GPA right now which is very poor. I've been doing poorly in Gen...
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    Stay or Leave?

    Hey everyone, So usually I don’t do this but I’m in dire need of help and thought I would turn to you all for advice. This is a little long so bear with me. I’m currently in my first year of family medicine residency (about 5 months in) and I don’t like it. It’s not even my program or the...
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    Should I give up on medical school? If not, what are some things I should do to make it a reality?

    Hello, y'all. I am new to the medical school application process. I'm sure you get this question in various different forms, but I would appreciate it if you took the time to answer mine! Thanks for your help. Major: Biomedical Engineering (not all pre-med requirements will be met when I...