1. B

    Navy For those who have experience with Navy medicine, can emergency physicians request to be assigned with Marine/SEAL units?

    If not, what are some of the different ways a Navy physician can work with Marine/SEALs?
  2. T

    All Branch Topic (ABT) (HPSP) Will four years of GMO after medical school end my commitment?

    A bit of background: I’m not an HPSP student yet, but I’m just trying to get every little question answered before I commit to either Air Force or Army. Back the question, if I didn’t match into any of my top choices, would I be able to do the four years as a GMO, and then come back as a...
  3. B

    Navy Is matching into a civilian residency difficult after completing a tour as a GMO?

    Background: I am applying for Navy HPSP. I would like to do a military residency in EM but I don't mind spending the 3-4 years as a GMO either. After medical school, let's say I don't match into a military residency. If I serve my HPSP time as a GMO, how difficult will it be to match into a...
  4. W

    HPSP - Risk of GMO tour after Peds Residency? Other Options?

    Hi all, I've been considering HPSP (either army or AF) and military medicine for a while now and find myself drawn to spending a few years serving, especially if it comes with the benefit of paying for my medical school, which is looking at about 85k/year between tuition and living expenses...
  5. S

    Navy GMO

    Hello all, I have been doing research for the past year and a half on military medicine. I am very set on joining the military as a doctor. Currently, I am leaning towards USUHS and the HPSP is my backup plan for if I do not get in. One thing that is incredibly hard to find research on is time...
  6. T

    Admin questions (separation physicals, PHAs, etc)

    For those of y'all in primary care/GMOs/etc., I need some help figuring some of this stuff out. 1) Separation physicals. What is their purpose exactly? And what all am I obligated to do? Is there an official instruction? Background: Young, 22 year olds, come in with anywhere from one to...
  7. MedicoBoomstick

    Army Battalion Surgeon

    Just finished IM Residency and I'm going to a very active line unit as a battalion surgeon. Looking for helpful recommendations for some desk references/web resources for the more common things I'll encounter that I might not have seen lately [Took care of mostly elderly retiree/VABs for last 3...
  8. F

    Intern-residency gap year

    Can anyone shed some light on specific opportunities on how current interns who may have a gap year if they match into an advanced program may fill that gap year? Any specific sites? Does the military accept one year commitments for GMOs? Is there something else?
  9. H

    Army GMO and out to ENT chances

    Alright, here are the facts, I'm a current Army HPSPer (MS3) interested in ENT. I will be getting married next year to a current intern in a 4 year residency program (civilian). I want to start a family at some point, but also don't want to destroy her chances of establishing a practice after...
  10. R

    Just another GMO to civilian residency question

    Forgive me if this has been brought up a million times before but I was curious on how GMO/DMO/FS experience affects civilian residency application according to specialization? For example, I would think it would give you a slight advantage when applying for EM. Maybe a slight disadvantage in...
  11. I

    Army GMO

    Hi, I am planning to switch programs and thus need to do an Army GMO. Can someone give thoughts/advice regarding: -Ft. Hood - did you like the base, places to live, how is parking, how is the environment in general? -Flight vs non-flight - advantages, changes to work life, deployments, etc...
  12. Asclepius293

    Reasons for HPSP vs USU?

    Hey all, Down to the wire in my decision making between Navy HPSP at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia or Navy at USU. Anyone here that made a similar decision and has some insight? USU Pros: -O-1 salary during med school, zero cost of attendance, cool travel opportunities, camaraderie, better...
  13. L

    Navy Navy Reserve in MD school (Not HPSP, etc.)

    I am interested in serving in the Navy Reserves during all 4 years of medical school. I am already accepted into medical school, ready to start in August. Likely career will be physical medicine and rehabilitation. I have no prior military experience. I am NOT applying for HPSP because I do...
  14. D

    Army or Navy HPSP? Is it easy to go straight to residency after med school?

    Please explain some of the pros and cons of Army vs. Navy HPSP. Like culture, locations, residencies and total years committed. I am about to pick one of them. I have read some other posts, but just wanted the most updated info and to clear up some things I still don't know. Some websites...
  15. Asclepius293

    MDSSP then FAP?

    Hey all, First let me say thank you for any insight. This forum has been very valuable throughout my pre-med experience and I appreciate it. I was recently accepted to several medical schools, including USUHS, and am trying to decide on the best pathway for myself. I've talked to several...
  16. R

    Navy Is GMO and GTFO worth it?

    Hey all, I was hoping to gather the insight of people that have been through this or are going through this. I have always had an itch to serve and perhaps romanticized the idea. Now that I have an acceptance to medical school I have begun doing my research into what military medicine...
  17. R

    Best Navy GMO (operational Medicine) advice or experience?

    Hello I am currently going through the Navy HPSP and would like to hear from anyone with experience going through similar situations. I understand the ins and outs of GMO circumstances, I am interested in learning more from personal experiences including Flight Surgeons, UMOs, and the...
  18. R

    Navy HPSP Decisions: GMO Specifics, Residency Timeline Options, Army instead?

    Hello All, I know this topic is beaten to death on SDN, but I was accepted into a good state MD (allopathic) medical school. I am considering the HPSP scholarship with the Navy. I understand that financial motives alone are not sufficient enough to make it a logical choice, and the...