1. H

    Help needed for selecting between two gap year positions

    Hey SDN fam I hope you all are well. I'm a pre-med graduating in May and I got offered two positions for my gap year. One is in a research technician position at a well know medical school in NYC doing very cool research and the other is a medical assistant job at a clinic in my hometown...
  2. D

    WAMC- c/o 2026

    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for any help I can get this cycle! I am a Pennsylvania resident applying for the class of 2026. Female age 24 and unfortunately this will be my fourth time applying. Schools: Illinois, Iowa, Virginia Maryland, U Arizona, Colorado State, Midwestern, NC State, LIU...
  3. M

    How do postbac programs calculate GPA if I went to a CCC first then a 4-year?

    Hi everyone! Im a senior with a 3.2 major gpa and a 2.9 cGPA that I’m really trying to get up. In my community college, I had a 3.8 but had a hard time transitioning into a 4-year. How would my gpa look all in all? I have to calculate my sGPA but I don’t think my grades from cc would weigh...
  4. R

    Special Accommodation For Pre-Med App

    I am currently entering my sophomore year of college as a pre-med. however, the summer before I start my freshman year I got into an accident and was diagnosed with that traumatic brain injury. It changed my life and I was told to not go back to school till spring semester because I needed to...
  5. T

    Calculating GPA for Atlantic Bridge

    For those who applied to the Atlantic Bridge schools (5-year and 4year programs), how did you calculate your GPA? Did you use all courses that you have taken? What about repeat courses? Do they drop any credits? Would my GPA be the same as my OMSAS GPA?
  6. S

    Advice needed

    Hey everyone, Nontrad student in my junior year and doing absolutely terrible in my classes. I am studying every day, learning the concepts, piecing everything together in lecture, performing great on quizzes and HW and yet my exam scores are so low. Got a C in genetics and just got a 60 on my...
  7. Perchperkins

    Majoring in Fine Arts as a Pre-Med student?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. I’m 18 and I’m graduating from high school in a few months. I want to pursue a career in medicine - specifically I want to be a doctor. Initially, I was going to major in biology. But lately I’ve done some research and talked to some other college students and...
  8. G

    What are my chances? One Gap Year or Two?

    Hi everyone, I'm a black female (NY State) in my last semester at an Ivy (HYP) looking at a 3.2/3.3sgpa (depending on which classes count for BCPM) 3.4 (hopefully 3.5 after this last semester) cgpa. so not great. Unfortunately no upward trend either, really all semesters have oscillated...
  9. D

    Individual grades/ A minuses and overall GPA

    I'm a junior and my science GPA is about 3.79. Non science is about 3.9. I am VERY concerned about the number of A minuses I have. I have about five of them on my transcript. Also this semester I'm taking three science classes and two labs and I feel like I'm also gonna get an A minus in every...
  10. DaniO32

    Planning my future with MCAT in mind. Help

    Hi everyone Im taking the MCAT in August, I still have a year before I graduate and plan on spending this time to fine tune and add to my resume, especially because I don't have much leadership roles or skills and lacking shadowing hours. I plan on applying early next cycle and taking a leap...
  11. S

    Question about whether to raise GPA

    Hello all, Currently in this cycle, I've been waitlisted to UCSD and seems like rejected from everywhere else. I've been wondering if I should reapply this cycle or wait another year. My stats are: 3.54 gpa, 3.6 sGPA; MCAT of 509 ( I retook this three times, 504, 506, then my current 509)...
  12. schoolpurposes

    **LOW HS GPA** Is it possible to bring my GPA up to a 3.0?

    Hello! In 9th grade I was a horrible student that didn't do any homework at all or even check my grades once because of certain circumstances that I should have honestly pushed out of the way, but I honestly didn't really care. In 10th grade 1st semester I was horrid and made all C's as well...
  13. W

    Let's Have Fun With This: Decompress Time

    Dental school is hard and will physically and mentally challenge every student. I am particularly curious on how your dental school helps students decompress from the grind of didactic and clinical courses. Please list your school and what fun things they host that helps you get by the stress...
  14. Maaricka

    How do Med Schools look at Post Bacc class GPAs?

    Hi all, How do the application sites (specifically aacom.org) and Med/D.O. schools look at post bacc classes? I am not doing a formal post bacc program. I plan to take 10-15 classes to boost my GPA and refresh my knowledge for the MCAT. Do these grades form a new "post bacc" GPA that would be...
  15. S

    My chances?

    Hi guys, I am currently a senior double majoring in general science and economics. I have a 3.2 cgpa and a 2.9 sgpa. I have not taken the MCATs yet because I want to prepare myself. I have an upward trend in my gpa but I wonder if my grades are still too low? Do I have a shot at DO schools...
  16. B

    Grade replacement question?

    Hi, I'll be applying to DO schools with a 3.72 GPA this cycle. From my understanding, if a student receives a poor grade in a class (maybe something along the lines of a C), retakes the class and then receives an A, DO schools will count the A instead of the C. I'm a little concerned that other...