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  1. R

    FAILED multiple classes can i still get into med school??

    I retook 6 of my science based classes in undergrad. It wasn't that I didn't get the material. The problem was I had horrible study skills and always procrastinated. The second time around I got A's and B's on all of them. But my previous grade still shows on the transcript. How badly will this...
  2. E

    How do AdComs view graduate school GPA?

    So this is a question I'm sure you all get on a regular basis, with posters usually asking about how favorably a good (3.7+) grad school GPA is received by admissions committees. Well, I'm coming from the other end to ask you all how much a red flag would a gGPA of ~3.40 for a hard science...
  3. J

    When to Apply/What to Do? (low GPA)

    Hello! So I'll be doing a gap year that will allow me to have access to some great mentors and potentially take some classes at a nearby university. However, even with this and a pretty high MCAT, I'm worried that my low GPA is going to be a huge pitfall. So, I'm considering a one year grad...
  4. anilynn

    Applying to Grad School Essay writing for SLP - not enough experience

    Hey everyone So, I'm currently an undergraduate in a Communicative Disorders and Sciences program applying for grad school. I have a problem and that is that I don't have a lot of experience outside of school that are SLP-related. I originally was going towards a degree in Accounting, but...
  5. D

    Allopathic Medical Schools

    Hey guys, So I'm a junior in college and I just need some insight. So my current sGPA is 2.83 and my overall GPA is 3.34. I have 1 C, 3 C+s, and 1 D (but I retook the class and made a B+), these are all in my science classes. I have bomb af extracurriculars, and have yet to take the MCAT. I...
  6. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    MA in Economics Good Use of Application Year?

    Hello! I have a BA in econ and will be finishing up my prerequisites for med school/taking the MCAT this academic year. During my application year (2017-2018), I have the option of taking out another $10,000 student loan and doing a 1-year MA in managerial economics at the University of...
  7. J

    M.D after earning an MPH

    Hello everyone, I am a year behind on the application cycle due to a major change from History to Human Biology after my Freshman year. Due to this I decided to apply to a number of MPH programs and am into the University of Michigan's MPH program in environmental health science starting this...
  8. osujic1

    Professor Messed up on LOR. Advice

    Hey guys Im a bit peeved and don't really know what to do. Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes... I have a pretty good relationship with on of my professors. She is really knowledgeable and I did well in her senior bio course and asked her to write me a letter of recommendation...